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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 390

n                      ( do.).-
s asn the coueL  Buifowevcr bonet a majouidy
of tbis body  i  he they  ere not in story ito
fiance, prmofsapi  his are and in8i2etice,. .
Pafng aer 4atte that have an equivocal~or no
saladan t. his charadCe, we Mhan in this lefflons u.)-
Esae oursealarks chicfy to the fabjea of finance, as
Moft de(criptivs of the tyrahby of DIONYSRIS.
It wq in ths (dlions that he pafTed his own accounr,
ie.wa ch ;t muft be confefse4 there was no charge
hisimpotant fervices in ab pra*     but when
*dallowed in part by the sudiror, tie appea'ed to the
general aflembly, and got an order on the (tate tre..
fiutr for all he was pleafed to afk. ThIs was the
-  fions in which he patTed the accounts of his noted
runner, a qyudam areAdext; ir this fefllionsitwas, that
he paffed the 4 for extending the time for coellon
ofrthe unpiid ftte-tax, diredest to be raifed in the year
1787; whr-jeby, in vioLation of all good faith, and
4n utter contempt of the compad, entered into with
congrefs, by a folemn law of the ftate in compliance
with the requifition, the fund provided for the pay-
ment of interell on continentai fecurities was deftroy.
. ed. Thefe are faid to be the ads or tranfaaions of
Dit)NYS1US, becaufe they were done and accons--
plithzd by his advice and influence; and without
him, no perfon, in the council at leaft, would have
prefumedW pcate them.
In paffing the " Ad for raifing C Lo,5oo for thte
fervice of the year 178 7" it was contended by thc pa-
triars of both hoofes, to provide for both the requifi.
rions then before the legiflature, viz. one for the In-
dian expedtion; and the other for the annual pay.
ment of intereft on the public debts. DIONYSIUS
permitted the fmall fum req tired for the In : in ex-
6s f
pedirion to be included in the bill; but upon his plag
of dcpreciato -, prohibited a farthing from beiug
raifed, for the payment of intcreit on public fecu-
rities In opposition to this requilition, he alledged
the tbacs were hard, and the people unable to pay.
I Thus according to the DIONYSI 4N policy, the
people word able enough, and ought to be made
wrilling to pay for his important fervices, nob is tbe
fYrfy. It was zlfo right andneceflary, that hiselec.
tionering runners, for their recent labours, thould
be paid both principal and intcreft, of all their de-
mands, however their accounts might be difputedby
people of an ordinary way of thinking. But the isme,
heakh and wealth expended in the army, are claims
that ought to be paid off by a fcle of depreciation,
infead of the money promifed. And the pecplc
who cojoy the bleffings of independence, however
ineftimable the prize, cannot bear to pay for it.
It was in this feflion. a bill was brought into the
council for the more equal aafineint of the inha-
bitants, according to a re turn 4/ property. As thc
people had petitioned for an emi-iable law of thb:
fort, and cited the examplc of all the other fates, DIO-
NYSILS afeded to favour the nefure; but- he at-
tacked the bill in his dfual tidec way, and found
means of mutilating the Couit  Tffmment, in fiich
a manner, as to he capah!e of railing money inde-
pendent of the pcople  Thus moulded and man-
gled, the bill was fent to the hohk of affembly for
concurrence, where it was loft in oblivion, and has
never lincecomc to light, in oneform or another.
. Further to illuftre the DIONYSIAN charaacr,
and the tyrannic influcnce prevalent in the Delaware
glevernment, it w: bnc ncdrary to takc notic hcrc

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