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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 388

c    4 fate than was done."  He knew too, that his
e.   majrrity were ready to follow his exami le, in faying
yea )r say, as to the true reprefentation of this fa&.
Thefe refolutions cspolc in a ftriking point of
view, tue littlenels of DIONY SIS's chara&er.
For the mcmentary fat ifadian of nilleading a ma-
jority of a few weak and inconfiderale councillors,
he has expoLcd himielf to ihe icorn and contempt of
aL te unhiaffed and competent judces in America.
Perhaps hc might iracnd, that according to the pre-
vious example of council, their minutes thould tever
be publinhed.  Advantage, however, has been taken
of his abfence, and thdfc records are now printed.
Thus we hAve brought to light, the .ice and mean-
nefs of this leading charadre; and the weaknefs and
folly of thofe who vote by his authority.
DIONYSIUS's malicious attack upon the loan-
eflcer was not more remarkable, on this occaloo,
than his utter difregard of all congreffional anthority.
The tan, bill fent up by the linufe of affembly was
In ftrift compliance widh the requilition of 1 785 ;
but DIONYSIUS with a tovereign contempt for con-
gref:, mangled it by his 49 amendments into the
moll indirea fortn imaginable. Thus congrefl or.
dered the money colleted for the difcharge of it twreft
certificates, to be paid .by. the l9am-ofter, with.
out dr/crimination, cxpreflly to avoid depreciatice
**---But DIO 0  YSIUS in his ancndment or ra-
ther debafement of the ata, direaed, that this
fund thould be difpofed of by the flate treaftrer,
with a d.rimuination among the holders of public
fecurities, and no doubt, for the exprefs purpofe of
ercatint$ further depreciation. Indeed- fo little re.
ferve had he upon this (core, that in oppofing the
propofition cf the houLfe of affembly for a fPste fpe.
(     ,   )
oulatio, ;n public k-urities, he rmfcned (pecially
from& the probability of a fale of deprecration for
rtificates, as well as contaenta motey: and all
his condud ferved to thew, that he withed fuch in
ereut to happen. Again, CongrcC. agreeably to
their powers, had ordered the-money to be raifed by
a limited-time mentioned in their requitition; but
DIONYSIUS, after detaining the aft of compliance
unnecaffarilv, from February till June, now pro-
lofed to amend it by difpenfing with the limitatil-n
of congrels, and extending the time of colleaion.
He adhered moft tenci.dl  to his amendments,
and by flickling for form and ceremonies, baffled
the endeavoursof the houfe of affembly, toobtain a
cr-amittee of conference on the fubjedt: until the
hbufe, in a mnefthge declared their patience was ex.
h-.afted by the delays of council; that they con-
ceived themfelves juftifiable in adjouvnin the next
day, and appealing to their constituents for the rec-
titude of their condluft, and the propriety of their
meafures.   An accommodation then took place.
The hill paited it is true, mutilated enough, but with-
out the more obnoxious am.ndments.
Confidering DIONYSIUS had profeffed great
regard for Congres and their meafures, ever fince
they had hornored him with a lucrative pot, it
was difficult at firfi to account for hisprefent condu&.
Cafting about, however, it was prTfently elifc..
vered, *hat Congrefs had lately reduced his annual
falary, to a pr diem allowance for his fervice. T-ois
with perfons but moderately acquainted with the
man, was fufficient to unriddle the whole myftery
of his behaviour.

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