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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 372

. ;f -. ,   F'r .  f
.-E E        T F* Of   I.&
A      generat account qf
ionyflus, from the
declaration bf Indea
pendence, to his ap.
vintment to a consis
acntal afic4 in De-
cember, "782.
U PON the declaratiot of independence, a new
and farcical fcene cpcn:d. However morti-
fied at this event, th-i torics did no: defpair of finally
(ucceeding; but *vi:h deK,*n to prevent, if pAtible,
the etablithrnent u* independence, it was conveni-
ent (o hold ftf& the powers of Fovcrnment. With
so addresS, therefore, peculiar to themfelves, men
who had 6been the wolt avowed advocates for rc
king, now appeared a: the head cf proceflions for
burning, his arms, and forward in all the parade of
the penpic. Thole who had rode through the coun-
try. preaching againft independence, were now
equally adlive in folicking votes for them4lres and
their friends, as mcnbers of the ftate convewns,
tor fzrnit&. an    coatimtd. To the apeM
force of authority, thy joined ie lap (f kmtect
oanaination. All who had cycr taken the wrpng
fcep of opp fion, were con4imcd iv tbei; prejudi.
c=, ad new coavcn wcre 'added by every pogieWC
detice. Men af property were alarmed wItb'ith
hk-:rors a;vil vwar, and i'-e confitcAtions and drath
cozequ: span a conquc' oe the country. A cry
of huznity fa the poor went fotb  and & -were
crJhorted to choofe moderate me=, as more likely to
g-VO a cAnce of    reconcLition, than  violent
"he tories lucceCdc) in their chiions in both the
lower countics. From Suffc, indeeid, there waS a
douio r=urm of whip And. torics. - The whfgs, to
avoid cabal and violence, choe to meet. In cheir re-
fpe&ive hundreds fDr the purpedc of eledaing, aftr
the manner of choofing commktei-men. The tories
cleed at Lewes, by a gnera  mcing of the county.
Although the wbig delEgares wcre retrncd by oft
VOes, DIONYSIUS al'edged the tories were elsed
more cnfomshly to thediretio of thekillature:
nd uon this pinciple, they were efla  hed in
their MS. From New-Cafile, there was a refpcik.
Ible dclegat-M ; but DIONYSIUS aBmong the rft,
and nct wimhout hi. uful complement of adherents.
The covendon       3 in 7uguit,  76. DIONY.
SIUS, now adirg :5re the fac ao the continent,
did not dare to obtrude y of his corrupirns on the
new coaflitution Tfi'.prefen: Chief Jutlice of
Penfdylania toot a  .iring part in this butinefs;
and a confiruzion was formed. upon the principleq
adopted by the ftates which had gone before us.
Lise sAoft ofthe othr ftatr cod iOns, the exe- u-
D                  Mtre

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