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Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware. Microform supplement
[3A] ([1978])

Tilton, James, 1745-1822
Timoleon, biographical history of Dionysius, 1788,   pp. 358-410

Page 370

Ro* *aadfable & not with deGgn to'forward their mei.
re, but, ifdbieto annihilate tLeir asthorty.
to the committee of Kent county, fome 6f t6red ad
alledged, that having made the only pradicable op.
pofitioi,in was timse now we thould fuboit 6 &
irrefiftable power of Great Britain. One'Clal, beh6
had been bold and infolent in urging this ddaritte
in the committee, was relied upon by the people or
Dover, and put into the pillory; where he was pcit-
cd with eggs, and dilgraced as a traitor. Thik man
.ain  ' jice of the peace, and of forie concuence
m the uninformed diftria where he lived, in s.&y
days fourd mzeans of arming Come hundreds of de-
loecd followera, and marched them *18 ot '20
mile*, to be avenged of Dover. A coripany of
light horfe, which from various piques and preju-
dices, at this time indufirioufly excited, had affocia-
ted under oficers perfcaly dil'iffeaed, affembled on
the road above the townrcady to a~t in concert *ith
Clark and his affociates from below. The infantry,
bowever, commanded by a nwn of fpirit and ad-
4rcfs, at the fhorteft notice put themfclves in a fuit-
able poflure to give their afailints a warm reception.
Clarl underflanding iis, thought proper to halt a-
Lout a mile from thetown, untillhis herd of dupes,by
the mediation of a couple of clergymen, were per-
fuaded to return home. As to the heroiclight horfl,
dilappointed of their hopes, in effding a complete
forplife, they affcedd the mofi aukwarl ignorance
of what they wrere about, and every one firaggldd
his own way. In this manner was difconcertcd a
plan laid by the trries, at once to be avenged of Do-'
vcr, and, if polfible, to quell that zealous (pirit of
ihdependcure,in Tie lighrinfantrvofthetown,which
from thence irrPdated throuigh-ut the county.
. , . Thms
(    st   )
Thithefris influtefion int Dela*rate, IYIPe.
ed in the county '4f Kent. But this als food fol-
lowed by a more ferious oft in Suiest. luftead of
colleaiugfrom a fingle diflria, the tories flocked to-
gether f:om the 1rhol county. Inftead of hundreds,
facir niubers were reported by t'ofauds. And to
qdeT tlirm, it 'as thought necediary to require aid
of Ungrers. Two batallions udder the command
of Col. Miles, and the Dela warere giment command-
ed by 'ol. Haflet, were fent down to Lewes for this
pitrpofe. The houfe of reprceenta'tives alfo commif-
fioned three of their own body to enquire into this
affair. In this enquiry the commiffioners had full
evidence that the leaders of the infurrclion had
held'correfpondence with the enemies thips, then in
the bay ; that they had taken advantage of the ge-
neral difaffition of the people of this county, to col.
le& them under various pretexts; that they ex-
peaed to have been joined by a detachment from
the Roebuck, but in this tHey were difappointed;
that many of the maft zealous torics had rode and
latoured whole nights in their fccret machinations,
to accomplifh this grand infurrecion; and that the
ignorant multitude had been flamped with bittLr pre-
judices againft thc prevailing meafures of the conti-
nent.  All this ap-eared from letzers and tranfai-
ons. re id and c!eclcrcd upon oath, before the com-
rniffloqers. M^.iany of the deludLd wrtches, terri-
fied with the unufual :ppezrance ofihe military force
now'w their ( ounrv, conf:ff- their guilt, and fup.
plicating pardoii for thcir pal offer.rc, promiled the
mdil fidthful fubmiflion in futurc, to all the regula-
tions'of Congrcfs. Others, rf whom it was proven
that they had gone c:i herard the thips of war, and

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