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Wolff, R. L.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume II: The later Crusades, 1189-1311

Foreword,   pp. xiii-xiv PDF (150.9 KB)

Page xiv

Harry W. Hazard, whose more than human ability to handle detail never fails
to inspire me with awe for his skill as an editor. To him we owe also the
maps, the gazetteer, and the index. For myself, I have done what I could
to improve the work. Professor Wolff and Dr. Hazard would join me, however,
in paying chief tribute to our contributors, whose generosity and forgiveness
of our sins have been an education in themselves. It is not easy to receive
your manuscript back from a board of editors reduced in size (with alien
material added, because otherwise it would not appear in the volume), and
be told that this is the way the editors want to publish it. Certain of our
contributors will understand our deep appreciation of their courtesy and
forbearance. We have lost two or three contributors along the way for one
reason or another, but to the stalwart crusaders in this volume who have
helped us to march closer to the final goal, we would render a salute with
full panoply of arms. 
 The general structure of our projected History has been outlined briefly
in the Foreword to the first volume. There remain three volumes to come,
and there will be further delay in getting them out. But we will get them
out, for the editors will persist regard less of the obstacles. 
[University of Pennsylvania, 1962] 

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