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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 677-735 PDF (3.9 MB)

Page 685

Barbary: the coast of North Africa. 
Barbastro (Spanish), Barbashtrü (Arabic): town—E1d3: 11, 12. 
Barca (classical), Barce (Italian), Barqah (Arabic): town—I1f3: 2.
Barcelona (Spanish), Barcino (classical), Barshilunah (Arabic); city, port—E3d4:
1, 11—15. 
Barcelona: county—Ed: 11, 12. 
Ban (Italian), Barium (classical): port—H2d4: 2. 
Barletta (Italian): port—H2d4: 2. 
Barqah: region—see Cyrenaica. 
Barqah: town—see Barca. 
Barshilünah: city—see Barcelona. 
Bartenland (German): district of NE Poland—Ib: 20. 
Bartenstein (German), Bartoszyce (Polish): town—Jib 1: 19. 
Basel (German), Basle or Bale (French): city—F3c3: 1, 2. 
Bashkent: battlefield—see Kara Hisar. 
Basilicata: region—see Lucania. 
Basilicata: town—see Vasilicata. 
Bastah: town—see Baza. 
Batalyaus: town—see Badajoz. 
Batnos: island—see Patmos. 
al-Batrun: town—see Botron. 
Bavaria; Bayern (German): region of southern Germany—Gc: 1, 2, 20.
Bayreuth (German): town—G2c1: 2, 20. 
Baza (Spanish), Bastah (Arabic): town—D3e3: 15. 
Bearn (French): district of SW France—Dd: 12. 
Beaufort: castle (in Syria)—see Belfort. 
Beaufort (French), Leuctrum (classical), Leftro (modern Greek): castle—I3e4:
Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne (French: town—E2dl: 15. 
Beaumont-le-Roger (French): town—E1c1: 15. 
Beauvais (French): town—E3c1: 1, 1 5. 
Beauvoir: castle (in Paiestine)—see Belvoir. 
Beauvoir or Belvedere (French), Pontik6kastron (modern Greek): castle—I2e3:
Bechin: town—see Petsona. 
Beersheba (classical), Bir as-Sab' (Arabic), Be'er Sheva' (Israeli): town—K5f4:
Beheimstein (German): castle 3 miles from Nuremberg (G2cl: 2). 
Beheira; al-Buhairah (Arabic): region of NW Egypt—Jf: 16. 
Behesni; Behesnou (Armenian), Besni (modern Turkish): fortress, now town—
L3e3: 21. 
Beira (Portuguese): region of central Portugal—Cd: 1 2. 
Beirut; Berytus (classical), Bairüt (Arabic): port—L1f2: 16, 21.
Beja (Portuguese), Bajah (Arabic): town—C3e2: 1, 13. 
Belchite (Spanish): town—D5d4: 1 2. 
Belen Boghazi: pass—see Syrian Gates. 
Belfort or Beaufort (medieval), Shaqif Arnün or Qal'at ash-Shaqif (Arabic:
fort of the rock): castle—Llf2: 21. 
Belgrade; Beograd (Serbian: white town): city—Ildl: 2, 17, 18. Belhacem
(medieval), Qal'at Abü-l-Hasan (Arabic): village 6 miles EN E of Sidon
(Llf2: 21). 
Belinas: town—see Banyas. 
Bellagrada: town—see Berat. 
Bellapais or Bella Paise (medieval): monastery—K4e5: 10. 
Belmont (French): abbey and castle 8 miles ssw of Tripoli (L1 f 1: 21). 

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