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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 677-735 PDF (3.9 MB)

Page 679

Aigaion Pelagos—see Aegean Sea. 
Aigues-Mortes (French): port 15 miles east of Montpellier (E4d2: 13). 
' Am Jalut (Arabic: well of Goliath), Well of Harod (medieval), ' En Harod
(Israeli): village-L1 f3: 17, 21. 
'Ain Zarbâ, or ' Am Zarbah: town—see Anazarba. Airasca (Italian):
village 13 miles sw of Turin (F3c5: 1). Aitolia: district—see Aetolia.
Aix-la-Chapelle: city—see Aachen. 
Alyina: island—see Aegina. 
Aiyion: town—see Vostitsa. 
Ajarquia (Spanish): district north of Malaga (Dle4: 1). Ajarquia (Spanish):
quarter of Cordova (Dle3: 1). 
' Ajlün (Arabic): town—L1f3: 21. Akarnanla: district—see
Acarnania. Akcho Hisar: town—see Kroia. AkhaIa: district—see
Achaea. ' Akkã, or ' Akko: city—see Acre. 
Akova or Matagrifon (medieval: kill-Greek), Akovos (modern Greek): castle—
I2e3: 4. 
Akritochóri: castle—see Grisi. 
Akrok6rinthos: rock —see Acrocorinth. 
Akrotiri; Akrotfri (modern Greek): peninsula, and town—K3f1: 10. 
Alag6n (Spanish): town—D4d4: 13. 
' Ala'iyah, or Alanya: port—see Alaya. 
Alamannia: region—see Germany. 
Alamut; Alamut (Persian, Arabic): fortress—i 7. 
Alange, Alanje, or Aihange (Spanish): town 10 miles SE of Merida (C4e2: 13).
Alarcón (Spanish): villáge—D3el:13. 
Alarcos (Spanish), al-Arak or al-Ark (Arabic): battlefield—D2e2: 13.
Alashehir: town—see Philadelphia. 
Alaya; Scandelore or Candeloro (medieval), ' Ala'iyah or ' Alaya (Arabic),
Alanya (Turkish): port—K2e4: 2, 16, 21. 
Alba (Italian): town—F4dl: 1. 
Albaicin (Spanish): quarter of Granada (D2e3: 1). 
Albania; Shqipni or Shqipri (Albanian): region NW of Epirus—HId: 2,
Albür: fortress—see Alvor. 
Alcacer do Sal (Portuguese), al-Qasr or Qasr Abi-Danis (Arabic): town—C2e2:
Alcácer-Seghir (Spanish), al-Qasr as-Saghir (Arabic: the small castle):
town— C5e5: 15. 
Alcala de Chisvert: town—see Chisvert. 
Alcald de Guadaira (Spanish): fortress, now town, 8 miles SE of Seville (C5e3:
Alcald de Henares (Spanish), al-Qal'ah (Arabic: the fort): town—D2d5:
Alcald del Rio (Spanish): fortress, now town, 9 miles north of Seville (C5e3:
Alcanadre (Spanish): river NW of Fraga (Eld4: 12). 
Alcaniz (Spanish): town—D5d4: 13. 
Alcantara (Spanish), al-Qantarah or Qantarat as-Saif (Arabic: the bridge
of the sword): town—C4e1: 13. 
Alcaudete (Spanish): town—Dle3: 14. 
Alcira (Spanish), Jazirat Shuqr (Arabic): town—D5e1: 13. 
Alcoraz (Spanish): village about 20 miles SW of Huesca (D5d3: 1). 
Aledo (Spanish): village—D4e3: 11. 
Alentejo (Portuguese): region of southern Portugal—Ce: 12, 13. 

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