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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 677-735 PDF (3.9 MB)

Page 678

their Christian rivals and Moslem enemies in the Levant as of 1300, 1400,
and 1500, and of the Mongols and their Christian and Moslem opponents in
the 13th and 15th centuries. 
 All maps for this volume have been designed and prepared in the University
of Wisconsin Cartographic Laboratory under the direction of Randall P. Sale,
assisted by Michael L. Czechanski and Carleton Cox. Base information was
compiled from U.S.A.F. Jet Navigation Charts at a scale of 1:2,000,000. Historical
data have been supplied by Dr. Harry W. Hazard (who also compiled the gazetteer)
from such standard works as Spruner-Menke, Stieler, Andree, and Baedeker
for Europe, Levi-Provençal for Moslem Spain, Rubió i Liuch
and Bon for Frankish Greece, and Honigmann, Dussaud, Deschamps, Cahen, and
LeStrange for the Near East. Additional information was found in The Encyclopaedia
of Islam (old and new editions) and Islam Ansik lopedisi, in Yäqut and
other Arabic sources, in The Columbia Lippin cott Gazetteer of the World,
on Michelin and Haliweg road maps, and of course in the text of this volume.
Aachen (German), Aix-la-Chapelle (French): city—F2b5: 1, 2. 
Abu-Ghosh: village—see Qaryat al-'Inab. 
Abyssinia: region—see Ethiopia. 
Acarnania (classical), Akarnania (modern Greek): district of western Greece—
I1e2: 4. 
Achaea (Latin), AkhaIa (modern Greek): district of northern Morea—I2e2:
Achrida: town—see Ochrida. 
Acre; PtolemaIs (classical), Saint John or Saint Jean d'Acre (medieval),
' Akkä (Arabic), ' Akko (Israeli): city, port—L1f3: 16, 21. 
Acrocorinth; Acrocorinthus (Latin), Akrok6rinthos (modern Greek): rock domi
nating Corinth—I3e3: 4. 
Acropolis: hill in Athens (I4e3: 4). 
Adalia or Satalia (medieval), Attalia (classical), Antalya (Turkish): port—K1e4:
2, 16, 21. 
Adana (classical, Armenian, Turkish): city—L1e3: 16, 21. 
Aden; ' Adan (Arabic): port in southern Arabia-1 8. 
Aderno; Aderno (medieval Italian), Adrano (modern Italian): town—G5e3:
Adramyttium (Latin), Edremit (Turkish): town—J3el: 3. 
Adrianople; Hadrianopolis (classical), Edirne (Turkish): city—J2d4:
2, 3, 16. 
Adriatic Sea; Hadria or Mare Hadriaticum (Latin)—GHd: 1, 2, 4. 
Aegean Sea; Aigaion Pelagos (classical Greek), Mare Aegaeum (Latin), Ege
Denizi (Turkish)—IJde: 2, 3,4, 8, i6. 
Aegina (Latin), Engia (medieval Italian), Ekine (Turkish), Aiyina (modern
Greek): island—I4e3: 4. 
Aegium: town—see Vostitsa. 
Aetolia (Latin), AitolIa (modern Greek): district of central Greece—I2e2:
Afamiyah: town—see Apamea. 
Afdntos, or Afdndos: town—see Aphandou. 
Afghanistan: region, now nation, east of northern Persia—17, 18. 
Agha Chayri (Turkish): plain between Adana and Tarsus (Lle4: 21). 
Agosta (medieval), Augusta (classical, modern Italian): port—H 1e3:

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