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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

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1437 October 29 Anton Fluvian dies; John of Lastic elected master of the
1437 December 9 Sigismund dies, succeeded by son-in-law Albert of Hapsburg
1438 June Barsbey dies; succeeded by son Yusuf (94 days), then Jakmak 
1439 July 6 Union of Greek and Latin churches decreed at Council of Florence
1440 March 14 Prussian League of nobles and towns opposes Teutonic Knights
1440 summer Rhodes attacked by Mamluk fleet, which devastates Cos 
1442 Ottoman invasion of Transylvania repelled by John Hunyadi 
1444 Aug.—Sept. Rhodes attacked by Mamluk fleet; 40-day siege fails
1444 November 10 Murad II annihilates Hungarian and Slavic crusaders at Varna
1446 Murad II devastates the Morea 
1448 October 17—19 Hunyadi defeated at Kossovo by Ottoman Turks under
Murad II 
1448 October 31 John VIII dies; brother Constantine XI last Byzantine emperor
1451 Antonello de Caupena, Catalan, leaves Aegina to Venice (lost 1537) 
1451 February 3 Murad II dies; son Mehmed II (the Conqueror) Ottoman sultan
1452 March 19 Frederick III, Hapsburg, crowned Holy Roman emperor (dies 1493)
1452 December 12 Union of Greek and Latin churches proclaimed in Constantinople
1453 February Jakmak dies; succeeded by son ' Uthmãn (43 days), then
1453 May 29 Mehmed II takes Constantinople, ending Byzantine empire 
1453 October Hundred Years' War (1337 on) between France and England ends
1454 February 22 Poland (and Prussia) declare war on Teutonic Knights 
1454 John of Lastic dies; James of Milly master of the Hospital 
1456 June 4 Athens annexed by Ottomans, ending Florentine duchy, Latin rule
1456 June-July Hunyadi prevents Mehmed II from capturing Belgrade 
1457 June 4 Teutonic Knights' unpaid mercenaries sell Marienburg to Poles
1458 July 26 John II de Lusignan dies; daughter Charlotte queen of Cyprus
1460 Mehmed II expels Greeks, completing conquest of the Morea 
1460 September 18 James de Lusignan invades Cyprus as vassal of Mamluk sultan
1461 February 26 Inal dies; succeeded by son Ahmad (to June), then Khushkadam
1461 July 22 Charles VII dies; son Louis XI becomes king of France 
1461 August 17 James of Milly dies; Peter Raymond Zacosta grand master 
1462 Gibraltar retaken by Castilians (Moorish since 1333) 
1462 November 16 Turks occupy Lesbos, ending sway of Gattilusi family 
1464 summer James II takes Kyrenia, becomes king of Cyprus 
1465 Marinid dynasty overthrown by Wattãsids (established 1420) 
1466 October 19 Treaty of Thorn ends 13-year war of Poles to oust Teutonic
1467 Zacosta dies; Giovanni Battista Orsini grand master of the Hospital
1467 October Khushkadam dies; after two short reigns Ka'itbey sultan (Jan.
1468 January 17 Scanderbeg dies; Albania soon absorbed into Ottoman empire
1470 July 12 Negroponte (Euboea) lost by Venice to the Ottoman Turks 
1471 August 28 Tangier (and Alcacer-Saghir) taken by Portuguese (to 1661)
1473 July 6 James II dies, leaving widow Catherine and unborn son James III
1473 August 2 Uzun Hasan, pro-Latin Turkoman, defeated by Turks at Kara Hisar
1474 August 26 James III dies in infancy; Catherine Cornaro queen of Cyprus
1476 Orsini dies; Peter of Aubusson grand master of the Hospital 
1479 December Ottoman fleet attacks Rhodes and Telos 
1480 May 23—Aug. 17 Major Ottoman assault on Rhodes repulsed by Hospitallers
1480 August 18 Otranto captured by Turks (retaken summer 1481) 
1481 April 27 Mehmed II dies; son Bayazid II Ottoman sultan (May 20) 
1482 July 29 Jem, brother of Bayazid II, lands in Rhodes (leaves September
1483 August 30 Louis XI dies; son Charles VIII king of France (dies 1498)
1486 Bartholomew Diaz rounds Cape of Good Hope 
1486—149 1 Mamluk armies defeat Ottomans thrice in extended campaign
1487 August 18 Spanish take Malaga after bloody 103-day siege, enslave Moors
1489 February 26 Catherine Cornaro forced to cede Cyprus to Venice (lost

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