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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

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1354 November John VI Cantacuzenus forced to abdicate by John V and Genoese
1355  Peter of Corneillan dies; Roger de Pins master of the Hospital 
1355 April 5 Charles V of Luxemburg crowned Holy Roman emperor 
1355 July 11 Frederick I of Athens dies; Frederick 11(111 of Sicily) becomes
1355 December 20 Stephen Dushan of Serbia dies 
1359 October 10 Hugh IV de Lusignan dies; son Peter I king of Cyprus 
1361 August24 Peter I captures Adalia from Turks of Tekke (lost 1373) 
1362  James of Florence killed in China, ending Catholic missions 
1362  Orkhan dies; his son Murad I becomes Ottoman ruler 
1362  Roger de Lluria seizes Thebes, kills Peter de Pou and others 
1362—1 365  Peter I of Cyprus tours western Europe to promote crusade
1363  Turks slaughter Hungarians and Serbs besieging Adrianople 
1364 April 8 John II dies; son Charles V becomes king of France 
1364 September 10 Robert of Taranto dies; his brother Philip becomes prince
of Achaea 
1365  Roger de Pins dies; Raymond Bérenger is master of the Hospital
1365 October 10—16 Crusaders under Peter I sack Alexandria, sail with
loot and captives 
1366 August—Dec. Crusade under Amadeo VI of Savoy in Thrace and Bulgaria
1367 January 2 "Articles of Thebes" adopted (considered May 18 by Frederick
1368  Charles Topia takes Durazzo and Albania from the Angevins 
1369 January 17 Peter I de Lusignan murdered; son Peter liking of Cyprus
1369  John V visits Rome, accepts Catholicism (October), goes to Venice 
1370—1371  Enghien brothers fail to regain Athenian duchy from Catalans
1371 September26 Serbs crushed by Ottoman Turks atChernomen, on the Maritsa
1372 November Nerio Acciajuoli recognized as lord of Corinth by pope Gregory
1373 November 25 Philip II of Taranto dies; Joanna I of Naples rules Achaea
1373—1374  Genoese invasion devastates Cyprus, undermines Lusignans'
1374 February 16 Raymond Berenger dies; Robert of Juilly master of the Hospital
1375 April Louis Fadrique vicar-general of Athens (to 1381, dies 1382) 
1375  Armenian kingdom of Cilicia overthrown by Mamluks and Turks 
1376 or 1377 Joanna of Naples leases Achaea to the Hospitallers (to 1381)
1377 July 27 Frederick III dies, leaving Athens and Neopatras to daughter
1377 July 27 Robert of Juilly dies; Juan Fernández de Heredia master
(Oct. 24) 
1378—14 17  Great Schism between popes of Rome and Avignon splits Catholics
1378 August (?) Heredia captured at Arta by Ghin Boua Spata (released May
1379 May or June John de Urtubia and Navarrese (and Gascon) Company seize
1379 summer Peter IV of Aragon establishes suzerainty over the Catalan duchies
1380 May 20 "Articles of Athens" adopted (considered September 1 by Peter
1380 September 16 Charles V dies; son Charles VI king of France 
1381 September 2 Joanna captured by Charles of Durazzo (killed May 22, 1382)
1382  Peace of Turin ends war between Venice and Genoa over Tenedos 
1382 October 3 Peter II de Lusignan dies; uncle James I king of Cyprus 
1383  Richard Caracciolo anti-master of Hospital (to 1395) in Great Schism
1383 July 7 James of Les Baux, last titular Latin emperor, dies 
1385 April 23 James I reaches Cyprus after 9-year captivity in Genoa 
1386 February 18 Jagiello (Vladislav II) of Lithuania marries Jadwiga of
1386  Charles III of Naples and Achaea dies; succeeded by son Ladislas 
1386—1391  Amadeo of Savoy, lord of Pinerolo, fails to win Achaea 
1387 January 5 Peter IV dies; son John is king of Aragon and duke of Athens
1388 May 2 Nerio Acciajuoli takes Acropolis, ending Catalan rule in Athens
1389 June 15 Serbs crushed at Kossovo by Turks under Murad I, who is killed
1390  Last Bahri Mamluk sultan replaced by Barkuk, first Burji 
1390 July—Sept. French, Genoese crusaders under Louis of Bourbon attack
1391 February 16 John V Palaeologus dies; son Manuel II Byzantine emperor
1392—1394  Thessaly overrun by Turks, becomes fief under Evrenos Beg

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