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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

Page 669

1176 September 17 Selchükid Turks defeat the Byzantines at Myriokephalon
1178 Castilians, with Aragonese aid, take Cuenca after 9-month siege 
1179 March 20 Castile and Aragon-Catalonia sign new partition treaty at Cazorla
1180 September 24 Manuel I Comnenus dies; son Alexius II is emperor 
1182—1183 February Reginald of Châtillon, lord of Kerak, raids
Red Sea ports 
1183 Yusuf I fails to take Santarem, dies (1184); son Ya'qub is caliph 
1183 November 20 Baldwin IV ill; child-nephew Baldwin V crowned king 
1185 March 16 Baldwin IV of Jerusalem dies of leprosy 
1186 late summer Baldwin V dies; mother Sibyl and Guy of Lusignan crowned
1187 July 4 Saladin defeats Franks at Hattin, captures Guy, executes Reginald
1187 October 2 Jerusalem surrenders to Saladin, followed by most of Palestine
1188 March 27 Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa takes the cross at Mainz 
1189 August 27 Guy of Lusignan besieges Acre; Pisan fleet blockades it 
1189 September 6 English crusaders aid Portuguese to recapture Silves (lost
1190 May 18 German crusaders defeat Selchiikid Turks, take Konya 
1190 June 10 Frederick I drowns in Cilicia; army proceeds to Antioch, disbands
1191 May 6—June 5 Richard I conquers Cyprus on way to Syria for the
Third Crusade 
1191 July 12 Acre surrenders to combined armies of Philip II and Richard
1192 April 28 Conrad of Montferrat is killed at Tyre by Assassins 
1192 May Guy of Lusignan buys Cyprus from Templars, founds dynasty 
1192 October 9 Richard I sails from Acre, ending the Third Crusade 
1193 March 4 Saladin dies; Aiyubid and Zengid princes struggle for provinces
1194 April Guy of Lusignan dies; brother Aimery inherits Cyprus 
1195 July 19 Alfonso VIII of Castile defeated at Alarcos by Ya'qub, Muwahhid
1197 September Aimery crowned king of Cyprus and (October) of Jerusalem 
1197 September 28 Emperor Henry VI dies, causing collapse of new German crusade
1198 January 8 Innocent III elected pope, declares (1199) first "political"
1199 Ya'qub dies; son Muhammad an-Nãsir Muwahhid caliph (dies 1213)
1199 late November French counts at Ecry take the cross for the Fourth Crusade
1200 spring Albert von Buxhovden leads German fleet to conquer Latvia 
1200 August 4 Saladin's brother al-'Adil proclaimed sultan of Egypt and Syria
1202 October 1 Crusaders sail on Venetian ships to attack Zara 
1203 July 6 French and Venetian crusaders begin siege of Constantinople 
1204 April 13 Constantinople is taken by Latins, sacked; the Fourth Crusade
1204 May 9 Baldwin of Flanders elected Latin emperor by the crusaders 
1204 October Byzantine empire is partitioned among the crusaders 
1205 Geoffrey of Villehardouin, William of Champlitte conquer Morea 
1205 April 1 Aimery dies, leaving Cyprus and Jerusalem under separate regencies
1205 April 14 Baldwin I captured by Bulgarians; brother Henry is regent 
1206 August 20 Henry becomes emperor after death of his brother Baldwin I
1207 Deaths of Ioannitsa and Boniface disrupt Bulgaria and Thessalonica 
1208 January 14 Murder of Peter of Castelnau touches off Albigensian Crusade
1208 spring Theodore I Lascaris crowned Greek emperor at Nicaea 
1209 May Geoffrey I becomes prince of Achaea, founds Villehardouin dynasty
1210 October 3 John of Brienne and wife Mary crowned rulers of Jerusalem
1211 Andrew II of Hungary invites Teutonic Knights to Transylvania 
1212 spring—August Children's Crusade from France and Germany collapses
in Italy 
1212 July 16 Peter II of Aragon defeats Muwahhids at Las Navas de Tolosa
1213 September 12 Peter II killed as Simon of Montfort wins battle of Muret
1215 November The Fourth Lateran Council considers Albigensians, a Fifth
1216 June 11 Henry of Hainault dies; Peter of Courtenay Latin emperor-elect
1217—12 18 Andrew II and Hungarians on the Fifth Crusade accomplish
1217 October 18 Alcacer do Sal falls to Portuguese, German crusaders, and
1218 January10 Hugh I of Cyprus dies; infant son Henry I under regency 

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