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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Important dates and events,   pp. 667-676 PDF (7.8 MB)

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1118 August 15 Alexius I Comnenus dies; his son John becomes Byzantine emperor
1118 December 18 Saragossa surrenders to Alfonso I of Aragon-Navarre 
1119 June28 Roger of Antioch killed by Il-Ghazi near Darb Sarmada 
1119 Aug. or Sept. Baldwin II installs Joscelin of Courtenay as count of
1123 April 18 Baldwin II captured by Turks (freed August 29, 1124) 
1124 July 7 Tyre falls to Frankish army and Venetian fleet 
1128 June 18 Zengi, governor of Mosul, enters Aleppo 
1130 February Bohemond II of Antioch killed in Cilicia by Turks 
1130 ' Abd-al-Mu'min founds Muwahhid caliphal dynasty, Murabits wane 
 1131 August21 Baldwin II of Jerusalem dies, leaving no son 
1131 September 14 Baldwin's son-in-law Fulk of Anjou crowned king of Jerusalem
1132 or 1133 Assassins purchase al-QadmUs, first foothold in Syria 
1134 July 17 Alfonso I of Aragon dies after defeat by Murabits at Fraga 
1135 Alfonso VII of Castile-Leon crowned emperor of Spain, Portugal 
1137 Byzantine emperor John Comnenus invades Cilicia, besieges Antioch 
1137 Aragon and Catalonia (Barcelona) unite as the Crown of Aragon 
1138 May Byzantine emperor John Comnenus takes Antioch but withdraws 
1139 Count Afonso Henriques of Portugal defeats Moors at Ourique 
1140 Afonso Henriques assumes title king Afonso I of Portugal 
1142 Fulk's vassal Pagan builds Kerak (Krak of Moab) in Transjordan 
1143 April 8 John Comnenus dies; his son Manuel I Byzantine emperor 
1143 November 10 Fulk of Anjou, king of Jerusalem, dies 
1143 December 25 Fulk's widow Melisend and son Baldwin III are crowned 
1144 Dec. 24—26 Zengi captures Edessa, kills Franks and destroys their
1145 December 1 The Second Crusade: pope Eugenius III issues the crusade
1146 March 31 Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, preaches the crusade at Vezelay
1146 September 14 Zengi killed; sons Saif-ad-Din Ghãzi (Mosul), Nur-ad-Din
1147 July—September German expedition against the Wends accomplishes
1147 Sept.—Oct. Second Crusade: Conrad III and Louis VII arrive at
1147 October Almeria taken by Spanish, Lisbon by Portuguese and English 
1147 October Conrad III and the German crusaders defeated near Dorylaeum
1148 January Louis VII and the French crusaders defeated near Cadmus 
1148 July 24—28 The Second Crusade falls to take Damascus, and collapses
1148 Mahdia taken by Sicilians (retaken January 1160 by Muwahhids) 
1148 December Tortosa captured by Aragonese, Catalans, crusaders, and Genoese
1149 June 29 Army of Antioch defeated by Nur-ad-Din near Inab 
1151 January 27 Alfonso VII, Raymond Berenguer IV allocate spheres at Tudellén
1151 (or 1152) spring Baldwin III breaks with Melisend, assumes full royal
1152 Raymond II of Tripoli killed by Assassins 
1153 spring Reginald of Châtillon marries Constance of Antioch, becomes
1153 August 22 Ascalon surrenders to Baldwin III, king of Jerusalem 
1154 April 25 Damascus submits to Nur-ad-Din 
1157 August 21 Alfonso VII dies after losing Almeria to Muwahhids 
1162 August 8 Raymond Berenguer IV dies after career of reconquest (from
1163 February 10 Baldwin III dies; brother Amalric crowned king (February
1163 May ' Abd-al-Mu'min dies; son Yusuf I is Muwahhid caliph 
1163—1169 Amalric leads five expeditions against Fãtimid Egypt
1169 March 23 Saladin succeeds his uncle Shirktih as vizir of Egypt 
1171 September 10 Saladin, at Nur-ad-Din's order, proclaims ' Abbasid caliphs
in Egypt 
1171 September 13 The last Fãtimid caliph, al-'Adid, dies 
1172 summer Muwahhids under Yusuf I fail to take Huete, retreat 
1174 May 15 Nur-ad-Din dies; Saladin occupies Damascus (October 28) 
1174 July 11 Amalric dies; leper son Baldwin IV crowned king (July 15) 
1175 May ' Abbasid caliph formally invests Saladin with Egypt and Syria 

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