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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

XIII: Moslem North Africa, 1049-1394,   pp. 457-485 PDF (25.3 MB)

Page 458

which will serve admirably as a terminus for the crusading period there,
especially since the final crusade in this area occurred in 1390. If this
choice serves to stress the importance of Ibn-Khaldttn among the multitude
of medieval North African historians, nothing could be more appropriate.
Any chronicle of this place and period must be in 
1968); trans. Fagnan as Histoire des Almohades (Algiers, 1893; from Revue
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repr. Beirut, 1965—); North African and Spanish portions trans. Fagnan
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ed. Lévi-Provençal as 
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ed. by G. S. Colin and 
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3rd vol., Valencia, 
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 Later Arabic historians of significance include Ibn-Qunfudh al-Qusantini
Ahmad ibn-al-Hasan), Al-Farisiyah ft mabadi ad-daulah al-Hafsiyah; selections
ed. and trans. 
Auguste Cherbonneau under various titles in Journal asiatique, 4:XII (1848),
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al Mariniyah; Moroccan portion ed. and trans. Ghaoutsi Bouali and Georges
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de correspondance africaine, LV (191 7), 1—107; Algerian portion ed.
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CCIII (1923), 231—255, and trans. Dozy as "Histoire des Benou-Ziyan
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II, 313; sII, 340. 
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al-Mu wahhidiyah wa-l-Hafsiyah (Tunis, A.H. 1289 [A.D. 1872/3]); trans. Fagnan
as Chronique des Almohades et des Hafcides (Constantine, 1895): Brockelmann,
II, 606; sII, 677. 
 Ibn-abi-Dinär (abu-'Abd-Allah Muhammad ibn-abi-l-Qasim), Al-mu ' nis
ft akhbar Ifriqiyah 

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