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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

XIII: Moslem North Africa, 1049-1394,   pp. 457-485 PDF (25.3 MB)

Page 457

 Toward the end of the fourteenth Christian or eighth Islamic century, abu-Zaid
' Abd-ar-Rahman ibn-Muhammad, of the Banti Khaldun, snatched a few months
from a remarkably full life to write a "Book of Examples," Kitãb al-'ibar.
The latest date in the portion concerning his native North Africa falls in
A.H. 796, or A.D. 1394, 
 The principal source, Ibn-KhaldUn's Kitab al-'ibar, has been published in
full (7 vols.) at Bulaq, A.H. 1284 (A.D. 1867/8, reprinted 1971); the North
African portions (vols. 6—7), ed. MacGuckin de Slane as Histoire des
Berbères (2 vols., Algiers, 1847—1851), were translated by de
Slane, also as Histoire des Berbéres (4 vols., Algiers, 1852—1856;
reprinted almost unaltered as "edited by Paul Casanova," Paris, 1925—1956,
and again 1968—1969). For additional information, consult Carl Brockelmann,
Geschichte der arabischen Literatur (2nd ed., 2 vols., Leyden, 1943—1949,
with 3 supplemental vols. [cited as sI, sII, sIII], Leyden, 1937—1942),
II, 314, 679; sII, 342. 
 The most important other chroniclers, in roughly chronological order, are
the following; for each author the best edition and translation of his complete
work or the relevant portion thereof will be cited, with reference to Brockelmann
for further information: 
 Al-Bakri (abu-'Ubaid ' Abd-Allãh ibn-'Abd-al-'Aziz), Kitab al-masalik
wa-l-mamölik; North African portion ed. de Slane as Description de l'Afrique
septentrionale (2nd ed., Algiers, 1910) and trans. de Slane (2nd ed., Algiers,
1913); both were reprinted together (Paris, 1965): Brockelmann, I, 627; sI,
875; sIll, 1242. 
 Al-Idrisi (abu-'Abd-Allah Muhammad ibn-Muhammad), Nuzhat al-mushtaq ft ikhtiraq
al-afaq; North African and Spanish portions ed. and trans. by Reinhart Dozy
and Michael Jan de Goeje as Description de l'Afrique et de l'Espagne (Leyden,
1866): Brockelmann, I, 628;sI, 876; sIll, 1242. 
 Anonymous, Kitãb al-istibsãr ft ' aja'ib al-amsar; North African
portion ed. Alfred von 
Kremer as "Description de 1'Afrique...," Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlich-Königlichen
Akademie der Wissenschaften (Wien), Philosophisch.historische Classe, VIII
(1852), 389— 428, and trans. Edmond Fagnan as "L'Afrique septentrionale
au XIIe siècle ...," Recueil 
des notices et memoires de la Société archéologique
de Constantine, XXXIII (1899): 
Brockelmann, sI, 879. 
As-Sam'ani (' Abd-al-Karim ibn-Muhammad), Kitab al-ansãb fi ma'rifat
al-ashãb; selection ed. and trans. Evariste Levi-Provençal
as "La Généalogie des Almohades et l'organisation du parti"
in his Documents inédits d'histofre almohade (Paris, 1928), pp. 25—74:
Brockelmann, 1,401; sI, 564. 
' Abd-al-Wahid al-Marrakushi (abu-Muhammad. . . ibn-'A1i), Kitffb al-mu'jib
fi talkhis akhbar al-Maghrib: ed. Dozy as The History of theAlmohades (2nd
ed., Leyden, 1881;repr. 

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