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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

IX: The Hospitallers at Rhodes, 1421-1523,   pp. 314-339 PDF (14.1 MB)

Page 315

century a principal Christian bulwark in the eastern Mediterranean against
the Mamluk rulers of Egypt and Syria, against the Turkish emirates which
had succeeded the Selchükids of Rtim, and increas ingly against the
rising power of the Ottomans, who had started as a 
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1922); H. Balducci, Architettura turca a Rodi (Milan, 1932), which treats
also of the Hospitallers; and G. Jacopi, Rodi (Bergamo, 1933). 
 On the siege of 1444 see L. Nicolau d'Olwer, "Un Témoignage catalan
du siege de Rhodes en 1444," Estudis universitaris catalans, XII (1927),
376—387, and C. Marinescu ["Mar inesco"], "Du Nouveau sur Tirant lo
Blanch," Estudis romànics, IV (195 3—1954), 137— 203.
On the siege of 1480 see G. Caoursin, Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis descriptio
(Venice, 1480; several times reprinted, and translated together with other
writings of the same author). The reprint made at Ulm in 1486 is noteworthy;
cf. Hellwald, op. cit., p. 49. A recent translation by E. Mizzi appears in
his Le Guerre de Rodi: Relazioni di diversi autori sui due grandi assedi
di Rod4 1480—1522 (Turin, 1934). An account sent by grand master Peter
of Aubusson to emperor Frederick III was published by M. Freher, in Scriptorum
rerum germanicarum, II (1602). Another account, by the Frenchman Mary Dupuis,
is in the appendix of Vertot's Histofre, pp. 598—616. Two accounts
by German pilgrims were published by Iorga in his Notes et extraits pour
servir a l'histofre des croisades au XVe siècle, V (Paris, 1915),
64 ff. An account by Giacomo de Curti is found in translation in Mizzi, Le
Guerre di Rodi; an account by Bernard of Breydenbach, De Rhodiae urbis obsidione
(Mainz, 1486), is discussed in H. W. Davies, Bernhard von Breydenbach and
his Journey to the Holy Land, 1483—4 (London, 1911). See also, now,
E. Brockman, The Two Sieges of Rhodes: 
1480—1522 (London, 1969). 
 On the siege of 1522 see Jacobus Fontanus (Jacob Fonteyn), De bello Rhodio
libri tres (Rome, 1525; often reprinted and translated, e.g. in Mizzi, Le
Guerre di Rodi); Th. Guichard, Oratio habita coram Clementem VII P.M. in
qua Rhodiorum expugnationis et deditionis summa continetur (Rome, 1523);
J. Bourbon (le Bâtard), Relation de la grande et merveilleuse et trés
cruelle expugnation de la noble cite de Rhodes (Paris, 1527; also in Vertot,
Histoire; translated in Mizzi, Le Guerre de Rodi); M. Tercier, ed., "Mémoire
sur la prise de la ville et de l'ile de Rhodes en 1522 par Soliman II," in
Memoirs de l'Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, XXVI (1759),
an extract from an account in Arabic by the sultan's physician; and P. Baudin,
Le Siege de Rhodes: Chronique du XVIe siècle (Constanti nople, 1871).
Turkish sources are covered in E. Rossi,Assedio e conquistadiRodinel 1522
secondo le relazioni edite e inedite dei Turchi (Rome, 1927), and Rossi,
"Nuove ricerche sulle fonti turche relative all' assedio di Rodi nel 1522,"
Rivista di studi orientali, XV 
(1934), 97—102. 
 For the affair of Jem Sultan see L. Thuasne, Djem-Sultan (Paris, 1892);
G. Zippel. "Un 
Pretendente ottomano alla corte dei Papi: il Turchetto," in Nuova antologia,
Nov. 1, 1912; 
Arm. Sakisian, "Djem Sultan et les fresques de Pinturicchio," Revue d'art,
1925, pp. 8 1—91; 
F. Cognasso, "Il Sultano Djem alla corte di Alessandro VI," Papoli, II (Milan,
96—103; A. Refiq, Jem Sultan (Istanbul, 1924); "Cern Sultan" in Islám
Ansiklopedisi, III 
(Istanbul, 1944), 69—81; and F. Babinger, Mahomet II, le conquerant...
(1 432—1481) 
(Paris, 1954). Hospital activities are covered by H. Karl Zwehl, Nachrichten
über die Armen 

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