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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume III: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

IX: The Hospitallers at Rhodes, 1421-1523,   pp. 314-339 PDF (14.1 MB)

Page 314

RHODES, 1421—1523 
 The deaths in 1421 of the grand master Philibert of Naillac and his mighty
adversary sultan Mehmed I provide a convenient pause midway in the history
of the Knights Hospitaller at Rhodes. The military order of St. John of Jerusalem
by then had been for over a 
 The sources for the history of the Hospitallers in Rhodes are more numerous
and detailed for the period after 1421, and especially from about 1450 on,
than for the earlier period, but they remain largely unpublished. Many such
documents are preserved in the Archives of the Order of St. John, Royal Malta
Library (cited as Malta); some of these are published in S. Pauli, Codice
diplomatico del sacro militare ordine Gerosolimitano... (2 vols., Lucca,
1733—1737), while documents on particular subjects are scattered through
such works as M. Barbaro di San Giorgio, Storia della costituzione del sovrano
militare ordine di Malta (Rome, 1927). 
 The situation is different with respect to scholarly secondary literature:
though much has been published on the Jem episode and the great sieges of
1480 and 1522, there is as yet no satisfactory general history comparable
to J. Delaville Le Roulx's Les Hospitaliers a Rhodes jusqu'a la mort de Phiibert
de Naillac: 1310—1421 (Paris, 1913), and recourse must still be had
to G. Bosio, Dell' Istoria della sacra religione ed ill. militia di San Giovanni
Gierosolimi tano, II (2nd ed., Rome, 1629), which utilizes the Malta archives,
and R. Vertot, Histoire des chevaliers hospitaliers de St.-Jean de Jerusalem
(Paris, 1726). To the excellent recent bibliography by J. Mizzi, cited in
the bibliographical note to chapter VIII, should be added F. de Hellwald,
Bibliographie méthodique de l'ordre souverain de St.-Jean de Jerusalem
(Rome, 1865); E. Rossi, Aggiunta alla "Bibliographie.. ." de Ferdinand de
Hellwald (Rome, 1924), and A. Fumagalli, Bibliografia rod/a (Florence, 1937).
See also N. Iorga, "Rhodes sous les Hospitaliers," Revue historique du sud-est
européen, VIII (1931), 32—51 78—113, 169—187; R.
Valentini, "L'Egeo dopo la caduta di Constantinopoli nella relazioni dei
Gran Maestri di Rodi," Bullettino dell' Istituto storico italiano per il
medio evo e Archivio Muratoriano, LI (1936), 137—168; G. Bottarelli,
Storia politica e militare del sovrano militare ordine di San Giovanni...
, I (Malta, 1940), 305—35 8; and C. Marinescu, "L'Ile de Rhodes au
XVe siècle et l'Ordre de Saint-Jean de Jerusalem d'après des
documents inédits," Miscellanea Giovanni Mercati, V (Studi e testi,
no. 125, 1946), 382—401. More recent studies include those among the
publications of Anthony Luttrell, cited in chapter VIII, which extend past
1421, as well as relevant portions of Robert Schwoebel, The Shadow of the
Crescent: The Renaissance Image of the Turk (1 453—151 7) (Nieuwkoop,
1967), especially pp. 119—131, 182—184, and appertinent footnotes.
 Guidebooks and descriptions of Rhodes under the Hospitallers start with
V. M. Coronelli, Isola di Rodi (Venice, 1688); later ones of value include
B. Rottiers, Description des monumens de Rhodes (Brussels, 1828); V. Guirin,
Voyage dans l'lle de Rhodes (Rhodes, 

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