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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / The first hundred years

Gazetteer and Note on Maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (12.6 MB)

Page 661

Tlemcen; Tilimsãn (Arabic): city — D4fi, i. 
Toëni: castle — see Tosni. 
Toledo (Spanish), Tulaitulah (Arabic): city — Diei, ' . 
Tollenburg — see Tulin and Bruck an der Leitha. 
Tonnerre (French): town 45 miles wsw of Clairvaux. 
Torino: town — see Turin. 
Toro (Spanish): town — C5d4, i. 
Toroge (medieval), Tour Rouge (French): unidentified place, probably in Spain.
Toron (medieval): fortress — Lifz, 6, 14. 
Toros (Daghlari): mountain range — see Taurus. 
Tortona (Italian): town 24 miles sw of Pavia. 
Tortosa (Spanish), Turtushah (Arabic): town — Eid5, ' * 
Tortosa; Antaradus (classical: opposite Aradus), An~artus or Tartus (Arabic):
port — Lifi, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14. 
Toscana: region of central Italy — see Tuscany. 
Tosni (medieval), Toëni (French): castle just west of Conches, 35 miles
south of Rouen. 
Toul (French): town — F1c2, I. 
Toulouse (French): city — E2d2, I. 
Tour Rouge — see Toroge. 
Touraine (French): region of central France — E1c3, I. 
Tourn: pass — see Syrian Gates. 
Tournai (French), Doornijk (Flemish): town 35 miles NE of Arras. 
Tours (French): town — E1c3, I. 
Trabzon: city, port — see Trebizond. 
Trajetto (Italian): village on the Garigliano river, io miles ENE of Gaeta.
Trakya: region — see Thrace. 
Trani (Italian): port — H2d4, 2. 
Transjordan; Oultrejourdain (medieval): region east of the Jordan —
Lif3, 6. 
Transoxiana: region NE of the Oxus — QRde, 4. 
Trapesac: town — see Darbsak. 
Trebizond; Trapezus (classical), Trapezunt (medieval), Trabzon (Turkish):
city, port—L5d5, 3, 7, 8, ii. 
Tremelay or Dramelay (French): village 45 miles east of Cluny. 
Trier (German), Trèves (French): city — Fzci, I, 2. 
Tripoli; Tripolis (classical), Tarabulus (Arabic): city, port Lifi, 3, 5,
6, 7, 8, ~, 10, II, 12, 13, 14. 
Tripoli; Oea (classical), Tarabulus al-Gharb (Arabic): city, port —
G4f3, 2. 
Troia (Italian): town — Hid4, 2. 
Troina (Italian): town — G5e3, 2. 
Troyes (French): town 35 miles WNW of Clairvaux. 
Tudela (Spanish), Tutilãh (Arabic): town 50 miles NW of Saragossa.
Tulaitulah: city — see Toledo. 
Tulin (German): town i 8 miles NW of Vienna, possibly medieval Tollenburg.
Tunis; Tunis (Arabic): city — G1e4, I, 2. 
Tunisia; Ifriqiyah (Arabic): region of North Africa — Fe, i, 2. 
Turbessel: fortress — see Tell Bashir. 
Turenne (French): village 6o miles SSE of Limoges. 
Turin; Torino (Italian): town 28 miles wNw of Asti. 
Turkestan: region NE of the Jaxartes — QRc, 4. 
Turkey; Turkiye (Turkish): modern nation, holding Anatolia, Armenia, and
parts of Thrace and Kurdistan. 
Turtushah: town — see Tortosa. 
Tuscany; Toscana (Italian): region of central Italy — Gd, i, 2. 

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