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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 659

Spalato (medieval), Split (Serbian): port — H2d2, 2. 
Speyer (German), Spires (French): town — F4c1, i, 2. 
Spoleto (Italian): town 55 miles north of Rome. 
Srbija: region — see Serbia. 
Stavelot (French): town 25 miles SE of Liege. 
Steiermark: region — see Styria. 
Stenay (French): town 55 miles NW of Metz. 
Stettin (German), Szczecin (Polish): port — G~bz, I, 2. 
Strassburg (German), Strasbourg (French): city — F3c2, I, 2. 
Studium: monastery in Constantinople. 
Styria; Steiermark (German): region east of Carinthia — Hc, 2. 
Subiaco (Italian): town — G4d4, 2. 
Sudan; as-Sudan (Arabic: the Negro-lands): region south of Egypt —
Kb, 3. 
Suez; as-Suwais (Arabic): isthmus and port — K3g1, 3. 
Sully (French): town —~ E3c3, i. 
Sultan Daghi (Turkish): mountain between Philomelium and Pisidian Antioch.
Sulzbach (German): town 30 miles east of Nuremberg. 
Sumaisãt: town — see Samosata. 
~Ur: port — see Tyre. 
Suriyah: region — see Syria. 
Surrey: region of England south of London. 
Suruch or Sürüch: town — see Saruj. 
Susa; Hadrumetum (classical), Susah (Arabic): port — G1e5, i, 2. 
Su~ak: island — see Sansego. 
Susiana: region of SW Persia — see Khuzistan. 
Suveydiye or as-Suwaidiyah: port — see Saint Simeon. 
as-Suwais: isthmus and port — see Suez. 
Swabia; Schwaben (German): region of sw Germany — Fc, I, 2. 
Sweden; Sverige (Swedish): region of eastern Scandinavia, smaller than modern
nation — not in area mapped. 
Switzerland: region in Alps. 
Syr Darya: river — see Jaxartes. 
Syracuse; Siracusa (Italian): town — H1e3, 2. 
Syria (classical), ash-Sha'm or Suriyah (Arabic): region — Lf, ~. 
Syrian Gates; La Portelle (medieval), Tourn (Armenian), Belen Boghazi (Turkish):
pass over Amanus range L2e4, 5. 
Száva: river — see Sava. 
Szczecin: port — see Stettin. 
Tabaristan; Tabaristan (Persian, Arabic): region between Caspian Sea and
the Elburz range — Oe, 3, 4. 
Tabariyah: town — see Tiberias. 
Tabriz; Tabriz (Persian), Tibriz (Arabic): city — N2e2, 3, 4. 
Tagus (classical), Tajo (Spanish), Tejo (Portuguese): river — Ciez,
Taik; Tayl~ (East Armenian): region of western Armenia — Md, 3. 
Taimã' (Arabic): town — L4g3, 3. 
Takrit (Arabic): village — Lzfi, 5. 
Talavera or Talavera de la Reina (Spanish), Talabirah (Arabic): town —
Diei, i. 
Tall Aghdi or Acdi (Arabic): village — L2e4, 5. 
Tall al-~Ashtara (Arabic): hill overlooking al_cAshtarã. 
Tall al-Jazar: hill — see Mont Gisard. 
Tall al-Qadi (Arabic: hill of the judge), Dan or Laish (classical): village
just west of Banyas. 
at-Tall a~-~afiyah: crusader castle — see Blanche Garde. 

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