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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 658

ash-Sharrat — see Guadarrama Mountains. 
ash-Shaubak: fortress — see Krak de Montréal. 
Shenchrig; Singae Pons (classical), Shnchrig (West Armenian): fortress —
5, 9. 
Shetlands: island group north of the Orkneys — not in area mapped.
Shiraz; Shiraz (Persian, Arabic): city — O3~I, 4. 
Shirvan; Shirvan (Persian): coastal region east of the Caucasus — N4d4,
2, 4. 
Shkodër: town — see Scutari. 
Shnche: river — see Sanja. 
Shnchrig: fortress — see Shenchrig. 
Shqipni or Shqipri: region NW of Epirus — see Albania. 
Sibilla: town — see Zawilah. 
Sicily; Sicilia (Italian), ~iqilliyah (Arabic): island — Ge, i, 2.
Sidon; Saida' (Arabic), Sagitta (medieval): port — L1f2, 3, 6, 7, 8,
~, II, 12, 14. 
Siffin (Arabic): village — L4e5, 5, 9. 
Sihyaun: crusader castle — see Saone. 
Sijilmasa; Sijilmasah (Arabic): city, now abandoned — Dif4, i. 
Sijistãn: region of Afghanistan — see Sistan. 
Silifke: port, now town — see Seleucia. 
Silistra or Silistria: town — see Dristra. 
Silivri: port — see Selymbria. 
Siloam, Pool of: pooi SE of Jerusalem. 
Silpius, Mount (classical), Ziyaret Daghi (Turkish) — L2e4, 5. 
Silvan: town — see Maiyafariqin. 
Simancas (Spanish): town — Did4, i. 
Sinai; Sinã' (Arabic): peninsula — Kg, 3. 
Sinai, Mount, or Mount Horeb; Jabal Müsâ (Arabic: mountain of
mountain monastery — K4g2, 3. 
Sind: region west of the Indus — Rg, 4. 
Singa: river — see Sanja. 
Singae Pons: fortress — see Shenchrig. 
Sinjar; Sinjãr (Arabic): town — M2e4, 7, 8, ii. 
as-Sinnabrah or Sinn an-Nabrah (Arabic), Sennabris (classical): village west
of the Jordan and south of Lake Tiberias. 
Sinope; Sinöpe (medieval Greek), Sinop (Turkish): port — Lid3,
~, 8. 
Sintra: town — see Cintra. 
Sinus Issicus — see Alexandretta, Gulf of. 
Sion or Zion, Mount: hill NE of Jerusalem. 
5iqilliyah: island — see Sicily. 
Siracusa: town — see Syracuse. 
Siryaqus (Arabic): town iz miles NNE of Cairo. 
Sis (Armenian, medieval), Kozan (Turkish): town — L1e3, 5. 
Sistan; Sijistãn or Sistãn (Persian): region of Afghanistan
— Qf, ~. 
Sivas or Siwas: city — see Sebastia. 
Smolensk (Russian): city — K3bi, 2. 
Smyrna (medieval), Izmir (Turkish): city, port — J3e2, 2, 3, 7, 8,
Sobrarbe (Spanish): district south of central Pyrenees. 
Sofia; Sardica (classical), Sofiya (Bulgarian): city — 14d3, 2. 
Soghdia: ancient name for Transoxiana and adjacent regions. 
Soissons (French): town zo miles sw of Laon. 
Sopron: town — see Odenburg. 
Sororgia: town — see Saruj. 
Sorrento (Italian): port iz miles west of Amalfi. 
Spain; Espafia (Spanish): region south of the Pyrenees. 

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