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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / The first hundred years

Gazetteer and Note on Maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (12.6 MB)

Page 655

Rancon (French): village 22 miles north of Limoges. 
Ranculat: fortress — see QaPat ar-Rum. 
Raqqa; ar-Raqqah (Arabic: subject to flooding): town — L5e5, 3. 
Ra's al_cAin (Arabic: headland of the spring): town — M1e4, 3. 
R&s al-Ma' (Arabic: headland of the water): village — Lzf3, 6.
R&s ash~Shaqcah or (colloquial) Ra's Shakkã (Arabic): cape sw
of Tripoli — Lifi, 6. 
Ratisbon: town — see Regensburg. 
Ravendan; Räwandãn (Arabic), Arevintan (West Armenian), Ravendel
(medieval), Ravanda (Turkish): fortress — L3e4, 5, 7, 13. 
Ravenna (Italian): port, now town — G3di, i, 2. 
Rayy; Rhages or Rhagae (classical), Raiy (Persian): town, now abandoned in
favor of Teheran — 02e5, 4. 
Red Sea — Lgh, 3. 
Regensburg (German), Ratisbon (medieval): town — G3c1, I, 2. 
Reggio di Calabria (Italian): port — H1e2, 2. 
Rhausium: port — see Ragusa. 
Rheims; Reims (French): city — E5c1, I. 
Rhine; Rhin (French), Rhein (German), Rijn (Dutch): river — E5b4, I,
Rhineland: region of the middle Rhine. 
Rhinocolura: town — see al_cArish. 
Rhodes; Rhodus (classical), Ródhos (modern Greek): island —
Je, 2, 3, 7, 8, ii. 
Rhoedestus: port — see Rodosto. 
Rhone; Rhône (French): river — E5dz, I. 
Ribagorza (Spanish): district south of central Pyrenees, east of Sobrarbe.
Ribemont (French): village 19 miles NNW of Laon. 
Ridefort (French): unidentified place, perhaps Rochefort or Bedford. 
ar-Rihã: town — see Jericho. 
Rijn: river — see Rhine. 
Roaix or Rouaix (French): village 23 miles NNE of Avignon. 
Robecque or Robecq (French): village 23 miles NNW of Arras. 
Rochefort (French): town 35 miles SSW of Liege. 
Rodez (French): town 8o miles NE of Toulouse. 
Ródhos: island — see Rhodes. 
Rodosto (medieval), Bisanthe or Rhoedestus (classical), Tekirdagh (modern
Turkish): port — J3d5, 2, 3. 
Romania: medieval name for Anatolia. 
Rome; Roma (Italian): city — G3d4, i, 2. 
Rometta: town — see Rametta. 
Rouaix: village — see Roaix. 
Roucy (French): village 14 miles NW of Rheims. 
Rouen (French): city — E2c1, I. 
Roussa or Ruskoy or Ruskeshan (medieval), Keshan (Turkish): town —
Jzd5, 2. 
Ruad; Aradus (classical), Arwãd or Ruwäd (Arabic): island —
Lifi, 5. 
Rue (French): village 55 miles west of Arras. 
Rufinel: unidentified fortress near Pelecanum. 
Rugia (medieval), ar-Ruj (Arabic): valley — L2e5, 5. 
Rugia: crusader castle — see Chastel-Rouge. 
ar-Ruha': city — see Edessa. 
Rum Kalesi: fortress — see QaPat ar-Rum. 
ar-Ru~afah (Arabic): fortress 4 miles sw of Ma~yaf. 
Ruskeshan or Ruskoy: town — see Roussa. 
Russia: region of eastern Europe — JKb, 2. 
Ruwäd: island — see Ruad. 

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