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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 653

Paphiagonia (classical): region of northern Anatolia — Kd, 3. 
Paphos (medieval Greek): island, port — K3fi, 3. 
Paris (French): city — E3c2, I. 
Parma (Italian): town 55 miles WNW of Bologna. 
Partzapert (medieval), Partsrpert (West Armenian): fortress — L1e3,
9, 10. 
Parzman: fortress — see Marzban. 
Passau (German): town — G4c2, I, 2. 
Pavia (Italian): town — F5c5, I. 
Payens or Payns (French): village NW of Troyes, 35 miles ESE of Provins.
Peiting (German): village ioo miles west of Salzburg. 
Pelagonia (classical): district NW of Macedonia. 
Pelecanum or Pelecanon (medieval): fortress — J5d5, 3, 7. 
Pelusium (classical), al-Farama' (Arabic): town K3f4, 3, 8. 
Pera or Estanor (medieval), Beyoghlu (Turkish): port east of the Golden Horn
opposite Constantinople. 
Perche (French): district west of Chartres. 
Périgueux (French): town 50 miles s~ of Limoges. 
Persia; Iran (Persian): region — NOf, ~, ~. 
Persian Gulf — NOg, 4. 
Philadelphia (classical), Alashehir (Turkish): town — J4e2, 2, 7, II.
Philippopolis (classical), Plovdiv (Bulgarian): town — 15d3, 2, 3.
Philomelium (Latin), Philomëlion (medieval Greek), Akshehir (Turkish:
white city): town—K2e2, 3, 7, 8. 
Phrygia (classical): region of central Anatolia — Ke, 2. 
Piacenza (Italian): town — ~ I. 
Picardy; Picardie (French): region of northern France — Eb, i. 
Picos de Europa (Spanish): peak in Cantabrian mountains. 
Picquigny (French): town 40 miles SW of Arras. 
Pilgrim Mountain; Mons Pelegrinus (medieval): hill overlooking Tripoli. 
Pisa (Italian): port, now city — G1d2, I, 2. 
Pisidia (classical): region of southern Anatolia — Ke, 2, 3. 
Pistoia (Italian): town — Gidz, i. 
Placentia: town — see Comana. 
Plancy (French): village 35 miles SW of Châlons. 
Plötzkau (German): village 28 miles south of Magdeburg. 
Plovdiv: town — see Philippopolis. 
Po (Italian): river — G3di, I, 2. 
Podandus (classical), Boudante (West Armenian), Pozanti (Turkish): town 40
miles east of Heraclea. 
Poissy (French): town — E3c2, i. 
Poitiers (French): town E1c4, I. 
Poitou (French): region of western France — Dc, i. 
Poland; Poiska (Polish): region — HIb, 2. 
Polotsk (Russian): town — J4a5, 2. 
Polybotus (classical), Bolvadin (Turkish): town — K2e2, 3, 7. 
Pomerania; Pommern (German): region south of the Baltic — Hbz, I, 2.
Pontarlier (French): town — F2c4, I. 
Ponthieu (French): district of western Picardy. 
Pontus (classical): region of northern Anatolia — Ld, 3. 
Ponza (Italian): island — G3d5, 2. 
Porsuk (-Su): river — see Tembris. 
Port Said: modern port at northern end of Suez Canal. 
Porto (Italian): village — G3d4, 2. 
Pôrto: port — see Oporto. 

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