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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 652

Norway; Norge (Norwegian): region of western Scandinavia — not in area
Noto (Italian): town — H1e4, 2. 
Novalesa (Italian): village 70 miles west of Vercelli. 
Novgorod (Russian): city and district in northern Russia — not in area
Noyon (French): town 29 miles west of Laon. 
Nuremberg; Nurnberg (German): city — Gzci, I, 2. 
Nu~aibin or Nusaybin: town — see Nisibin. 
Nyssa (classical): town, now abandoned — K5e1, 3. 
Ochrida (medieval), Lychnidus or Achrida (classical), Ohrid (Serbian): town
—lid4, 2. 
Odenburg (German), Sopron (Hungarian): town — H2c3, 2. 
Oder (German), Odra (Polish): river — G5b2, I, z. 
Oea: city, port — see Tripoli. 
Ofanto: river in SE Italy, flowing past Canosa into the Adriatic. 
Ohrid: town — see Ochrida. 
Olives, Mount of; Jabal a~-Tur (Arabic): hill east of Jerusalem. 
Olivola (medieval), Olivolo or Castello (Italian): district on lagoon of
Olmütz (German), Olomouc (Czech): town — H3c1, 2. 
Oman; cUman (Arabic): region of eastern Arabia — Ph, 4. 
Oporto; Pôrto (Portuguese), Bur~uqal (Arabic): port — C2d4, i.
Orange (French): town 13 miles north of Avignon. 
Orense (Spanish), Uriyah (Arabic): town — C3d3, i. 
Orkhon: river in Mongolia — not in area mapped. 
Orkneys: island group north of Scotland — not in area mapped. 
Orleans (French): city 75 miles ssw of Paris. 
Orontes (classical), al-~A~i (Arabic: the rebellious): river — L1e4,
~, 5, 6. 
Orte (Italian): village 35 miles north of Rome. 
Ossero (Italian), Osor (Croatian): village on west coast of Cherso. 
Ostia (Italian): village — G3d4, 2. 
Ostmark: region east of Bavaria — see Austria. 
Oultrejourdain: region east of the Jordan — see Transjordan. 
Ourha: city — see Edessa. 
Oviedo (Spanish): town — C5d2, i. 
Oxus (classical), Jaihun (Persian, Arabic), Amu Darya (modern) : river —
P5dz, 4. 
Pagrae: town — see Baghras. 
Palaiá Kórinthos: town — see Corinth. 
Palanka (Croatian): town — H5c~, 2. 
Palermo (Italian), Balarm (Arabic): city, port — G4e2, 2. 
Palestine; Palaestina (classical), Filistin (Arabic): region — KLf,
Pali, Cape: headland near Dyrrachium — H5d4, 2. 
Pallene: peninsula — see Cassandria. 
Palmela (Portuguese): town 17 miles SE of Lisbon. 
Palu (Turkish), Balona (medieval), Palou (West Armenian), BãlU (Arabic):
fortress — L5e2, 3. 
Pamplona (Spanish), Pampeluna (medieval), Banbalünah (Arabic): town
— D4d3, I. 
Paneas: town — see Banyas. 
Panidos (medieval): port, now abandoned, 5 miles ssw of Rodosto. 
Pannonhalma: monastery — see Saint Martin. 
Pantelleria: island — G3e4, I, 2. 

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