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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 650

Mesopotamia; al_iraq (Arabic): region between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers
— Mf, ~. 
Messina (Italian): port — H1e2, 2. 
Messina, Strait of: strait between Sicily and Italy. 
Messines (French): village 33 miles north of Arras. 
Metz (French): city — F2c1, I. 
Meuse (French), Maas (Flemish, Dutch): river — E5b4, i. 
Milan; Milano (Italian): city — F5c5, I, 2. 
Milly (French): village 50 miles NE of Châlons. 
Mineo (Italian): town — G5e3, 2. 
Minho (Portuguese), Mifio (Spanish): river — Cad3, i. 
Mirabel (medieval): crusader castle 9 miles NNE of Lydda. 
Miseno, Cape: point west of Naples. 
Misilmeri (Italian): town — G4e2, 2. 
Misis: town — see Mamistra. 
Mi~r: region of NE Africa — see Egypt. 
Mi~yaf: fortress — see Ma~yaf. 
Miyafarkin: town — see Maiyafariqin. 
Modena (Italian): town 24 miles wr~w of Bologna. 
Modica (Italian): town — G5e4, 2. 
Moissac (French): town — Eadi, i. 
Molesme (French): village 6~ miles NW of Dijon. 
Monastir; Bitolj (Serbian): town — Izd~., 2. 
Mondego (Portuguese): river — C2d5, I. 
Monferrato: district — see Montferrat. 
Mons (French), Bergen (Flemish): city 45 miles south of Ghent. 
Mons Pelegrinus: hill — see Pilgrim Mountain. 
Mont Gisard (medieval), Gezer or Gazara (classical), Tall al-Jazar (Arabic):
hill between Ramla and Ibelin. 
Montaigu (French): town 50 miles sw of Angers. 
Monte Cassino (Italian): abbey — G4d4, 2. 
Monte Gargano (Italian): mountain shrine — Hid4, 2. 
Montebello (Italian): village 13 miles south of Pavia. 
Monteil (French): village 50 miles ENE of Moissac. 
Montferrand: fortress — see Ba~rin. 
Montferrat (French), Monferrato (Italian): district south of upper Po river.
Montfort (French): village 25 miles WSW of Paris. 
Montier-en-Der (French): village 40 miles SSE of Châlons. 
Montihéry (French): village 17 miles south of Paris. 
Montmorency (French): village io miles north of Paris. 
Montpellier (French): town — E4dz, i. 
Mopsuestia: town — see Mamistra. 
Morava (Serbian): river — Izd, 2. 
Moravia; Morava (Czech): region SE of Bohemia — Hc, 2. 
Morocco; al-Maghrib al-Aq~â (Arabic: the farthest west): region of
NW Africa 
— Cf, i. 
Mörs (German): town between Xanten and Neuss. 
Moselle (French), Mosel (German): river — F3b5, I, 2. 
Moson: town — see Wieselburg. 
Mosul; al-Mausil (Arabic), Musul (Turkish): city — M4e4, ~, 7, 8, ' I.
Mozac (French): town, now unimportant — E4c5, I. 
Msis: town — see Mamistra. 
al-Munaitirah (Arabic: the little lookout), Le Monestre or Le Moinestre (medieval):
fortress — Lifi, 6. 

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