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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 646

al-KhawãbI (Arabic), Coible (medieval): fortress — L2f1, 5.
Kherson (medieval Russian), Chersonesus Heracleotica (classical), Korsun
(Slavic): port, now ruined (not modern Kherson on the Dnieper) — K4di,
2, 3. 
Khilãt or Khlat: town — see Akhlat. 
Khonaz: village — see Chonae. 
Khonaz (Daghi): mountain south of Chonae — see Cadmus. 
Khorezm; Chorasmia (classical), Khwãrizm (Persian): region at mouth
of the Oxus River — Qid3, 4. 
Khunãsirah or Khanä~ir (Arabic): town — L3e5, 5. 
Khurasan; Khorãsan (Persian): region of NE Persia — PQe, ~ misapplied
to Pontus in the medieval period. 
Khuzistan; Susiana (classical), Khflzistãn (Persian, Arabic): region
of sw Persia 
— Nf, 4. 
Kibris or Kipros: island — see Cyprus. 
Kiev (Russian): city — K1b5, 2. 
Kir-hareseth: fortress, now town — see Kerak. 
Kirman: region and town of southern Persia — see Kerman. 
Kizil (Irmak): river — see Halys. 
Kola (medieval), Kogh (East Armenian), Göle (Turkish): town —
M3d5, ~. 
Köln: city — see Cologne. 
Konstanz: town — see Constance. 
Konya: city — see Iconium. 
Korgos: port — see Corycus. 
Korinthos: town — see Corinth. 
Korsun: port, now ruined — see Kherson. 
Korvey: abbey—see Corvey. 
Kozan: town — see Sis. 
Krak de Montréal (medieval), ash-Shaubak (Arabic): fortress —
Lif5, ~, 8, ~, 10, II, 12, 13, 14. 
Krak des Chevaliers (medieval), IIi~n al-Akrãd (Arabic: stronghold
of the Kurds): fortress—L2f1, 5, II, 12, 13, 14. 
Krak des Moabites or Krak of Moab: fortress — see Kerak. 
Krakow: town — see Cracow. 
Kret~ or KrIti: island — see Crete. 
Kufa; al-KUfah (Arabic): town — M5f3, ~. 
Külek (or Gülek) Boghazi: pass — see Cilician Gates. 
Kura: river — see Cyrus. 
Kurdistan; Kurdistãn (Persian, Arabic): region between Armenia and
—MNe, 3. 
Kyburg (German): village 45 miles south of Strassburg. 
Kypros: island — see Cyprus. 
La Châtre (French): town 45 miles ssw of Bourges. 
La Fère (French): village 14 miles NW of Laon. 
La Ferté (French): village 32 miles NW of Chartres. 
La Fève: village — see al-Ffllah. 
La Garde-Freinet (French), Fraxinetum (classical), Fraxinet (medieval): fortress
—Fzdz, I, 2. 
La Garnache (French): village 75 miles sw of Angers. 
La Portelle: pass — see Syrian Gates. 
Labe: river — see Elbe. 
Ladder of Tyre: ascent south of Tyre. 
al-Ladhiqiyah: port — see Latakia. 
Lagery (French): village i~. miles west of Rheims. 

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