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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 641

Georgia; Sakartvelo (Georgian): region east of the Black Sea and south of
the Caucasus range — Md, 3. 
Gerasa: town — see Jarash. 
Gerger: town — see Gargar. 
Germanicia: town — see Marash. 
Germanicopolis: town — see Ermenek. 
Germanicopolis: town — see Gangra. 
Germany; Allemania of Alamannia (medieval), Deutschland (German): region
of north central Europe. 
Gerona (Spanish), Jarundah (Arabic): town — E3d3, i. 
Gezer: hill — see Mont Gisard. 
al-Ghab (Arabic): swampy region of the middle Orontes — L2c5, 5. 
Gharnatah: city — see Granada. 
Ghaznah (Arabic), Ghazni (Persian): town — R4fz, 4. 
Ghazzah: town — see Gaza. 
Ghent; Gent (Flemish), Gand (French): city, port — E4b4, i. 
Ghor; al-Ghaur (Arabic: the bottom): valley of the lower Jordan — Lrf4,
al-Ghutah (Arabic): district SE of Damascus — Lzfz, 6.. 
Gibelcar: fortress — see cAkkär. 
Gibelet: town — see Jubail. 
Gibraltar; Jabal Tariq (Arabic): rock — C5e4, I. 
Gibraltar, Strait of: strait between Spain and Morocco. 
Girgenti: town — see Agrigento. 
Giza; al-Jizah (Arabic): town — Kzf5, 3. 
Gnesen (German), Gniezno (Polish): town — H3b3, 2. 
Gogison or Göksun: town — see Coxon. 
Gök(-Su): river — see Sanja. 
Golden Horn; Chrysoceras (classical), Halich (Turkish): bay between Constantinople
and Pera. 
Göle: town — see Kola. 
Gorigos: port — see Corycus. 
Gorizia (Italian): town 22 miles NE of Grado. 
Goslar (German): town — Gib4, I, 2. 
Gothia: district of southern France, between Narbonne and NImes — E4dz,
Gouris: town — see Cyrrhus. 
Grado (Italian): port — G4c5, 2. 
Gran (German), Esztergom (Hungarian): town — H4c3, 2. 
Granada (Spanish), Ighrana~ah or Gharnatah (Arabic): city — D2e3, I.
Grandpré (French): village 40 miles east of Rheims. 
Grant-Mesnil or Grandmenil (French): village 24 miles south of Liege. 
Gray (French): town 27 miles ENE of Dijon. 
Great Britain: island — see Britain. 
Great Saint Bernard Pass: Alpine pass. 120 miles east of Lyons. 
Greece; Hellas (Greek): region west of the Aegean Sea, smaller than modern
nation—le, 2. 
Greenland: large island west of Iceland — not in area mapped. Guadalajara
(Spanish), Wadi-l-Ilijärah (Arabic: river of the stones): town —
Dzd5, I. 
Guadarrama Mountains; Sierra de Guadarrama (Spanish), ash-Shãrrãt
—Dd, i. 
Guarenne: castle — see Warenne. 
Guienne; Guyenne (French): region around Bordeaux. 
Gujerat: coastal district of western India — not in area mapped. 

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