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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 638

Dead Sea; Bahr Lut (Arabic: sea of Lot) — Lif4, 3. 
Delhi: city in NW India — not in area mapped. 
Delta (classical): region at mouth of the Nile. 
Demmin (Slavic, German): town — G4b2, 2. 
Demotika; Demotika (medieval Greek), Dhidhimótikhon (modern Greek):
—J2d4, 2,7. 
Denia (Spanish), Dãniyah (Arabic): port — E1e2, i. 
Denmark; Danmark (Danish): region, then including the southern part of Sweden
— Ga, I, 2. 
Derbent; Darband (Persian), Bãb al-Abwab (Arabic: gate of the gates):
—N4d3, 3,4. 
Deuil (French): town 8 miles north of Paris. 
Deutschland: region — see Germany. 
Dhidhimótikhon: town — see Demotika. 
Diabolis: town — see Deabolis. 
Die (French): village 27 miles ESE of Valence. 
Dijlah or Dijle: river — see Tigris. 
Dijon (French): city — F1c3, I. 
Dillingen (German): town 65 miles ssw of Nuremberg. 
Dimashq: city — see Damascus. 
Dimya~: port — see Damietta. 
Diyar-Bakr, Diyarbakir, Diyarbekir: town — see Amida. 
Diyar-Bakr (Arabic): region of the upper Tigris — L5e2, 3. 
Djerba: island — see Jerba. 
Diouk: town — see Duluk. 
Dnieper; Borysthenes (classical), Dnepr (Russian): river — K3c4, 2,
Dniester; Tyras (classical), Dnestr (Russian), Nistru (Rumanian): river —
K1c4, 2, 3. 
Dobin (Slavic): town, now unimportant — Gzbz, 2. 
Dog; Kalb (Arabic: dog): river — Lifz, 6. 
Dol (French): town 6o miles ssw of Carentan. 
Doliche: town — see Duluk. 
Domfront (French): town 6o miles NW of Le Mans. 
Don; TanaIs (classical): river — L5c3, 3. 
Doornijk: town — see Tournai. 
Dorylaeum (classical): town, now abandoned in favor of Eskishehir —
Kiei, 2, 3, 7, 8, ii. 
Douro (Portuguese), Duero (Spanish): river — Czd4, i. 
Dracon (medieval): village on Dracon river, io miles south of Civetot. 
Dracon (medieval), Yalak (-Deresi) (Turkish): river flowing past Civetot.
Dramelay: village — see Tremelay. 
Drava or Drave (Croatian), Drau (German), Dráva (Hungarian): river
— H4c5, I, 2. 
Dreux (French): town 23 miles NNW of Chartres. 
Dristra (medieval), Durostorum (classical), Silistra (Romanian), Silistria
(Bulgarian): town — J3di, 2, 3, 7. 
Dropuli: unidentified town near Viyosa river, probably classical Hadrianopolis,
medieval Drinopolis, east of modern Argyrokastron and 6o miles SE of Avlona.
Dubrovnik: port — see Ragusa. 
Duefias (Spanish): town — Did4, i. 
Duero: river — see Douro. 
Duluk; Doliche (classical), Dlou1~ (West Armenian), DulUk (Arabic), Dülük
(Turkish): town — L3e3, 5. 
Durostorum: town — see Dristra. 

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