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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 635

Caesarea-Philippi: town — see Banyas. 
Caiffa or Caiphas: port — see Haifa. 
Cairo; al-Qahirah (Arabic): city — K2f5, 2, 3, 7, 8. 
Calabria (Italian): region of sw Italy — He, 2. 
Cambrai (French): town 22 miles ESE of Arras. 
Campania (Latin, Italian): region around Naples. 
Candia: medieval name for Crete. 
Cangas de Onis (Spanish): village — C5dz, i. 
Cannae (classical): village — H2d4, 2. 
Canosa (Italian): town — Hzd4, 2. 
Canossa (Italian): town, now unimportant — Gidi, i, ~. 
Cantabria: region of northern Spain. 
Cantabrian Mountains; Cordillera Cantábrica (Spanish) — Cd,
Canterbury: town 55 miles ESE of London. 
Capharda: village — see Kafartãb. 
Cappadocia (classical): region of central Anatolia — KLe, 3. 
Capua (Italian): town — G5d4, 2. 
Carcassonne (French): town — E3dz, I. 
Carentan (French): town — D4c1, i. 
Caria (classical): region of sw Anatolia — Je, 2, 3. 
Carinthia; Kärnten (German): region of the upper Drava — Gc, I,
Carmel, Mount; Jabal Mar Ilyas (Arabic: Mount St. Elias) — K5f3, 6.
Carpathians: mountain range — Ic, 2, 3. 
Carrhae: town — see Harran. 
Carthage; Carthago (Latin): town — G1e4, 2. 
Caspian Sea — NOde, 3, 4. 
Cassandria; Cassandrea, Pallene, or Potidaea (classical), Kassándra
or Potldhaia (modern Greek): peninsula south of Thessalonica. 
Castello: district on lagoon of Venice — see Olivola. 
Castile; Badulia (classical), Castilla (Spanish): region of north central
Spain — D2d4, i. 
Castillon (French): town ~ç miles SSW of Toulouse. 
Castoria (medieval), Celetrum (classical), Kastorla (modern Greek): town
— I2d5, 2. 
Castra Comnenon: town — see Kastamonu. 
Castrum Cepha: town — see Ui~n Kaifã. 
Catalonia; Catalufla (Spanish), Catalunya (Catalan): region of NE Spain —
Ed, i. 
Catania (Italian): town — H1e3, 2. 
Caucasus; Kavkaz (Russian): mountain range — MNd, 3, 4. 
~echy: region — see Bohemia. 
Celetrum: town — see Castoria. 
Central Asia: region stretching north and east from Turkestan. 
Cephalonia; Kephallenia (ancient Greek), Kephallönia (medieval Greek),
Kefallinla (modern Greek): island — Iie2, 2. 
Cerami (Italian): town — G5e3, 2. 
Cerdagne (French): district north of the Pyrenees — Ed, i. 
Cerep: fortress — see al-Athãrib. 
Ceuta (Spanish), Septa (classical), Sabtah (Arabic): port — C5e5, I.
Cevennes (French): mountains — Ed, i. 
Chabannes (French): village near Limoges. 
Chahan: river — see Pyramus. 
Chaise-Dieu (French): village zo miles NNW of Le Puy. 
Chalcedon (classical), Kalkhëdön (ancient Greek), Khalkëdön
(medieval Greek), Kadiköy (Turkish): town — J5d~, 3. 
Chalcis ad Belum: town — see Qinnasrin. 

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