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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 633

Bergen: city — see Mons. 
Beroea: city — see Aleppo. 
Berry (French): region of central France — Ec, i. 
Berytus: port — see Beirut. 
Besançon (French): town 45 miles east of Dijon. 
Besni: fortress, now town — see Behesni. 
Bessan: town — see Baisan. 
Betenoble: village — see Bait Nüba. 
Beth Gibelin: town — see Bait Jibrin. 
Bethlehem; Bait Lahm (Arabic: house of flesh): town — Lif4, 6, 7, 9.
Bethsan or Bethshan: town — see Baisan. 
Beyoghlu: port — see Pera. 
Biandrate (Italian): village io miles north of Vercelli. 
Bibol (Turkish), Bebou (West Armenian), Bãbalü (Arabic): fortress
— L5e2, 10. 
Bieda: village — see Blera. 
Bijayah: port — see Bougie. 
Bilbais or Bilbis (Arabic): town — K2f5, 3. 
Binkath: city — see Tashkent. 
al_Biqac (Arabic: the hollow), Coele-Syria (classical): district of central
—L1f2, 5,6. 
Bir (Arabic: colloquial for BPr: well): village — L3e4, 5. 
Bira; al-Birah (Arabic), Birtha (classical), Bir (West Armenian), Birejik
(Turkish): town —L3e3, 3,5,9, 10, 12. 
Bisanthe: port — see Rodosto. 
Biscay, Bay of— Dcd, i. 
Bithynia (classical): region of NW Anatolia JKd, 2. 
Bitolj: town — see Monastir. 
Bivar: town — see Vivar. 
Black Sea — KLd, 2, 3. 
Blancfort or Blanquefort (French): town 6 miles NW of Bordeaux. 
Blanche Garde (medieval), at-Tall a~-~ãflyah (Arabic: the glittering
hill): crusader castle — K5f4, 6, 10. 
Blera (classical), Bieda (Italian): village 5 miles ssw of Vetralla. 
Blois (French): town 34 miles ENE of Tours. 
Bogen (German): village z8 miles east of Regensburg. 
Bohemia; ~echy (Czech): region between upper Elbe and Austria — Gb,
i, 2. 
Bokhãrã: city — see Bukhara. 
Bologna (Italian): town — G2d1, I, 2. 
Bolvadin: town — see Polybotus. 
Bona (medieval), Hippo Regius (classical), Bflnah (Arabic): port —
F3e4, I, 2. 
Bordeaux (French): city, port — D5di, i. 
Borysthenes: river — see Dnieper. 
Bosporus (classical), Karadeniz Boghazi (Turkish):. strait — J5d4,
Botron or Botrys: town — see al-BatrUn. 
Boudantë: town — see Podandus. 
Bougie (French), Saldae (classical), Bijayah (Arabic): port — Fie4,
Bouillon (French): town 6o miles NE of Rheims. 
Boulogne-sur-Mer (French): port 6o miles NW of Arras. 
Bourbon (French): town 50 miles SE of Bourges. 
Bourges (French): town — E3c3, I. 
Bourgogne: region — see Burgundy. 
Brad: island — see Brazza. 
Braga (Portuguese), Braqarah (Arabic): town — Cad4, i. 

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