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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Gazetteer and note on maps,   pp. 626-666 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 631

Augustopolis (medieval): town, now abandoned in favor of Nighde, 50 miles
NE of Heraclea. 
Aulon: port — see Aviona. 
Aulps or Aups (French): village 50 miles NE of Marseilles. 
Aura (German): village 85 miles NW of Nuremberg. 
Aurillac (French): town 70 miles SSW of Clermont. 
Austria; Ostmark (German): region east of Bavaria, smaller than modern nation
— GHc, 2. 
Autun (French): town — E5c4, I. 
Auvergne (French): region of southern France — Ecd, i. 
Auxerre (French): town z6 miles NNW of Vézelay. 
Avesnes-sur-Helpe (French): town 45 miles NNE of Laon. 
Avignon (French): city — E5d2, i. 
Avlona (medieval), Aulon (classical), Valona (Italian), Vlonë (Albanian):
—H5d5, 2. 
Axius: river — see Vardar. 
' Azaz (Arabic), Hazart (medieval): town — L3e4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13,
Azerbaijan; Adharbadhagan or A~erbaijan (Persian): region of NW Persia —
Ne, 3, 4. 
Azotus: town — see Ashdod. 
Baalbek; Heliopolis (classical), Ba~labakk (Arabic): town — L2f I,
5, 6, 8, 9, 10, II, 12, 13, 14. 
al-Bab or Bab Buzã~ah (Arabic: the gate, or gate of Buzã~ah):
town — L3e4, 5* 
Bãb al-Abwab: town — see Derbent. 
al-Babain (Arabic: the two gates): village — K1g3, 3. 
Babalu: fortress — see Bibol. 
Babylon: town — see Fustat. 
Bactra: city — see Balkh. 
Badajoz (Spanish), Ba~alyaus (Arabic): town — C4e2, I. 
Badulia (classical): ancient name for Castile. 
Bafra (Turkish): port — Lid4, 3, 8. 
Baghdad; Baghdad (Arabic): city — M5fz, 3, 7, 8, ii. 
Baghras (Arabic), Pagrae (classical), Gaston (medieval), Baghra (Turkish):
— L2e4, 5, 14. 
Bahasna or Bahasni: fortress, now town — see Behesni. 
Bahr an-Nil: river — see Nile. 
Bahr Lut — see Dead Sea. 
Bahrain; al-Bahrain (medieval Arabic: the two seas), al-Uasa (modern Arabic):
coastal region of NE Arabia — Lg, 4. 
Bailleul (French): town 33 miles north of Arras. 
Baina-n-Nahrain (Arabic: between the rivers): district of Mesopotamia between
Mosul and the Khabur river. 
Bairut: port — see Beirut. 
Baisan; Scythopolis or Bethshan (classical), Bethsan or Bessan (medieval),
Baisan (Arabic): town—L1f3, 6, 7, 8, ~, II, 12, 13, 14. 
Bait al-Ma': town — see Daphne. 
Bait Jibrin or Bait Jibril (Arabic), Eleutheropolis (classical), Beth Gibelin
(medieval): town — K5f4, 6, 10, 14. 
Bait Lahm: town — see Bethlehem. 
Bait Nübã (Arabic), Betenoble (medieval): village — Lif4,
6, io. 
Badlabakk: town — see Baalbek. 
Balad (Arabic): town — M3e4, 3. 
Balana (medieval): ford — L2e4, 5. 
Balansiyah: city, port — see Valencia. 

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