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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / Volume I: The first hundred years

Foreword,   pp. xiii-xviii PDF (127.8 KB)

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 xviii FOREWORD 
Dr. William H. DuBarry, Vice-President of the University, has done likewise.
It is a pleasure to express our thanks to Dean Roy F. Nichols and Professor
Albert C. Baugh; I hope this volume may not fall short of their own exacting
standards of scholarship. To my good friends, Mr. Phelps Soule, former director
of the Uni versity of Pennsylvania Press, and Dr. Morse Peckham, present
director, both editors and contributors are under deep obligation. Dr. Peckham
has especially been called upon to assist us in the solution of our problems.
Finally and very importantly, the editors give renewed expression of their
thanks to the officers of the American Philosophical Society, especially
to Dr. Luther P. Eisen hart, for the grant of one thousand dollars which
the Society gave us for general administrative expenses. 
 The initial editing of this volume was done by Professor Bald win; he has
cut here and added there, to avoid duplication and to effect literary sutures;
with discernment and patience he has combined footnotes, and so on, and himself
retyped a good deal of manuscript. He has put much work into this book. Dr.
Hazard has prepared the maps and the gazetteer, standardized the oriental
names throughout the volume, translated Professor Cahen's chap ter from the
French original, and rendered a dozen other services with great readiness.
Quick in perception and in execution, Hazard possesses stupendous energy,
no little of which he has most gener ously poured into this volume, and Professor
Baldwin joins me in extendingto him our sincerest thanks. Miss Sarah S.Landers
helped us by typing. Mrs. Setton read most of the manuscript and retyped
parts of it; she also assisted in the proof-reading. The illustrations were
chosen by President T. S. R. Boase, Magdalen College, Oxford. The conclusion
to this foreword can only be a restatement of our debt to the University
of Pennsylvania and of our hope that this volume may merit some of the support
which the University has given it. 
[University of Pennsylvania, 1955] 

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