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Baldwin, M. W. (ed.) / The first hundred years

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chosen editor and LaMonte secretary of the project. Always Krey was on hand,
ready to give stout assistance. In the following year (1939), when the Association
met in Washington, plans were made whIch envisaged four volumes (later expanded
to six, and now contracted to five). At the next meeting of the Association,
in New York in 1940, conferences were continued among those par ticipating
in the projected history, and various editorial details were discussed. But
the war was already more than a year old in Europe, and another year was
to see the United States involved in the conflict. LaMonte went into the
navy, serving in the Pacific, with lasting detriment to his health, and other
scholars associated with the history were quickly caught up in wartime activities.
 In the spring of 1941, however, the plan of the work had been submitted
to the Mediaeval Academy of America, which was glad to sponsor the project
but unable to make any financial commit ment thereto. Although nothing could
be done for the duration of the war, in 1945—1946 the proposal for
a cooperative history of the crusades was revived, and now expanded to include
British and European scholars. Duncaif, Krey, and LaMonte assumed official
editorship of the work, and in the spring of 1946 the administration of the
University of Pennsylvania generously agreed to underwrite the full costs
of publication. LaMonte was enabled to make a contract to this effect with
the University Press, providing also for the publication of other monographs
on the crusades. Since neither editors nor contributors were able to abide
by the pro visions of the first contract, the present writer renegotiated
various details of this agreement in January 1954, in pretty much the same
terms as the first contract, but no longer providing for the publication
of any additional monographs. At the annual meeting of the American Historical
Association in New York in 1946, since Duncalf and Krey were obliged by physicians'
advice to reduce their activities, those contributors to the work who were
present, acting as a committee for the whole, elected LaMonte, the young
est of the trio, as managing editor of the work.5 
 LaMonte threw himself into the task with his customary energy. In April
1947 he sent out to all contributors, and to other inter ested persons, a
report on "The Project for an International Cooperative History of the Crusades."
After two years of arduous. endeavor, on the very day before he was to sail
to the Levant for a year of historical study and observation relating to
this History, 
  On December 28, 1946, both Krey and LaMonte read papers, the latter giving
a "Pro gress Report on ' The History of the Crusades." 

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