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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany / A program to foster citizen participation in government and politics in Germany

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(2) Consultants
An analysis has just been completed by the Ex-
ecutive Secretary of the American Municipal As-
sociation answering the question of how encour-
agement and aid might best be given to the In-
stitute without interference with its independence.
It is expected that later in 1950 another U.S. au-
thority on the work of such organizations will visit
Germany for such assistance as the Institute may
desire in the formulation or execution of its pro-
posed program.
(3) German Visits to U.S. and European Countries
Eleven representatives of the Institute or of the
German municipal or professional organizations
associated with it are being invited to visit the
U.S. during 1950 for the purpose of observing and
studying the work and organization of national and
state associations of state and local government of-
ficials. Thirteen persons will be invited to visit the
U.S. for similar study during 1951.
(4) Pamphlets
The Institute plans to issue approximately twelve
popular pamphlets on governmental affairs during
the next twelve months, including pamphlets on
"Training for the Public Service", "The Civil Serv-
ant and Politics", "How Does Parliament Work?",
"The Functions of the Political Party in a Modern
Democracy", "Judicial Independence", "How a Bill
Becomes a Law".
In addition, the series of research publications
will be continued. These will include a study of
existing practices by courts of law and the ad-
ministration which are in conflict with the basic
civil rights as stipulated in the constitution; a
translation and discussion of the English city con-
struction law; a translation and discussion of
Swedish housing legislation; and local government
in England.
(5) Land Offices
The Land Offices will undertake to interest state
and local officials and leaders in the work of the
Institute and to make the work of the Institute
known at the Land and local level. They will also
facilitate distribution of its literature.
(6) Kreis Offices
The Kreis Offices are appropriate agencies to
aid in the distribution of the pamphlet publications
of the Institute and interest forums or citizens' as-
sociations in using these for discussion purposes or
as the subject matter of conferences held locally.
(7) Newspapers and Radio
The Institute, through its recently established
publications division, plans to extend its rather
limited newspaper and radio outlet facilities. The
activities will include a large number of feature
articles on governmental matters, and radio dis-
cussions, including popularized skits and dramatiza-
tions of interesting cases dealing with public matters
important to the average city.
(8) Films
The Institute has no film program plans for the
year June 1950 to June 1951.
As the title of this heading suggests, it is im-
possible to outline a program. It is a title estab-
lished for administrative convenience to identify
those projects which do not fit into any of the ten
established programs, but which from time to time

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