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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany / A program to foster citizen participation in government and politics in Germany

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(4) To secure recognition of the value of study in
the social and political sciences as qualifications for-
government and related positions.
.In 1949 a number of visiting specialists from the
U.S. undertook studies to determine practical ways
and means of introducing and strengthening politi-
cal science teaching. On the initiative of German
leaders, a conference was held which brought to-
gether the leading professors and university ad-
ministrators in political science. In March, 1950, a
special political science committee established by
the Conference of University Rectors, recommended
the general establishment of political science educa-
tion in universities and the creation of a Political
Science Association to be affiliated eventually with
the International Political Science Association in
Several German professors were invited to visit
the U.S. to observe course content and teaching
methods and arrangements were made with the
U.S. universities to furnish a limited number of
books and periodicals.
A "Hochschule fuer Politik" has been established
in Berlin and courses in this field have been ini-
tiated in the Free University of Berlin. Plans were
completed for the establishment of a "Hochschule
fuer Politik" in Munich with courses to begin in
June, 1950. Several chairs of political science and
courses in the subject have been established in
other universities. These include courses on political
parties, comparative constitutional law, and the
structure and operations of the federal government.
(1) General
A second political science convention is being
organized for July, 1950, in which a number of
American university professors will participate. It
is hoped that this conference will develop specific
plans for the further introduction of political
science into German universities for new courses
with new content, and for research. Arrangements
for exchange between    American  and  German
universities will also be discussed. Further efforts
will be made to open to German teachers and
students the development of the past 20 years in
foreign countries and to aid German universities
in- establishing modern libraries. The exchange
program, involving the visits of teachers and
students to the U.S., is of unusual necessity in this
program because adequate facilities for such work
are not yet available in Germany.
(2) Consultants
Four U.S. professors of political science have
been requested for the summer of 1950. They will
participate in the planned conference and there-
after will work with their German colleagues in
various universities in the development of specif-.
ic plans for teaching political science. Two other
professors - who have been - invited to lecture in
German universities will be available for part time
(3) German Visits to U.S. and European Countries
The opportunity will be afforded ten teachers of
political science to spend a year in the U.S. to ob-
serve American teaching and research methods and
to familiarize themselves with recent material.
Eight Germans will be invited to visit the United
States for six months to study all phases of public
management at the federal level in a democratic
society. This group will be made up of key federal
and Land administrators who are in a position to
influence the development of governmental meth-
ods and relationships in Germany.
During 1950, 72 university graduates and gov-
ernment employees will visit the U.S., with four
months study in special courses in universities and
one month of observation of practical governmental
methods in governmental offices. This project does
not involve study of political science as such, but it
is calculated to afford educational background for
democratic governmental administration and an
insight into the theory and practice of government
and politics in the U.S.
A similar program is planned for 1951.
(4) Pamphlets
A verbatim account of the 1949 conference was
published in German, together with a condensed
English version which was distributed in England,
the U.S., and, France.
The proceedings of the July 1950 conference will
be published.
A pamphlet on the status of social and political
science education in German universities, to serve
as a reference guide, will be prepared and dis-
(5) Land Offices
Land Offices with universities or a "Hochschule
fuer Politik" located in or near the capital city will
follow the development of this program.
(6) Kreis Offices
Kreis Officers in whose Kreis a university is
located will follow the development of the pro-
(7) Newspapers and Radio
While the program is not one of continuous news
value, it has been possible to interest feature edi-
tors who specialize in governmental and educa-
tional affairs, 12 of whom attended the 1949 con-
ference. Their presence resulted in feature articles
in their newspapers and in several technical jour-
nals. It is expected to repeat this.
(8) Films
No film project is proposed.
Improvement in German political and govern-
mental organization and practices is hampered by
the isolation of German leaders and administrators
from ideas, techniques, and practices developed
in the Western democracies during the past twenty
years, by lack of facilities for research and the free
exchange of information and experience within
Germany itself, and by lack of contact between
German leaders and administrators and the Ger-
man public.,
To ecourage the establishment of a German in-
stitutional center for
(1) the exchange of domestic and international
information and experience;

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