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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Remarks at news conference by Secretary of State Dulles, on German reunification and Berlin, November 7, 1958 [extracts],   pp. 307-308 PDF (878.2 KB)

Address by Premier Khrushchev at a Soviet-Polish meeting, on Germany and Berlin, November 10, 1958 [extract],   pp. 308-312 PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 308

Q. Mr. Secretary, East German Communists have begun to say
repeatedly that West Berlin belongs to East Germany and have begun
to compare it to Quemoy. Do you see any potential danger in this
kind of propaganda campaign?
A. No. I see no danger in it, because, as I pointed out, we are most
solemnly committed to hold West Berlin, if need be by military force.
That is a very solemn and formal three-power commitment to which
the United States stands bound. I think as long as we stand firm there.
and the Communists know we will stand firm, that there is no danger
to West Berlin.
*        *       *       *        *        *       *
Address by Premier Khrushchev at a Soviet-Polish Meeting, on
Germany and Berlin, November 10, 1958'
The imperialists have turned the German question into an abiding
source of international tension. The ruling circles of Western Ger-
many are doing everything to whip up military passions against the
German Democratic Republic, against the Polish People's Republic,
against all the socialist countries. Speeches by Chancellor Adenauer
and Defence Minister Strauss, the atomic arming of the Bundeswehr
and various military exercises all speak of a definmte trend in the policy
of the ruling circles of Western Germany.
We want to warn the leaders of the Federal Republic of Germany:
The road followed by Western Germany today is a road dangerous to
peace in Europe and fatal to Western Germany herself. Indeed, can
realistically minded politicians today hope for the success of a new
"march to the East"? Hitler in his time also did everything to
war hysteria, in order to prepare the ground for an attack on the
Soviet Union. However, it is well known how it all ended. It is not
hard to imagine the fate of those who would try to unleash new ag-
gression against the socialist states. No speeches by Chancellor Ade-
nauer or his Minister Strauss can change the balance of forces in
favour of imperialism. To march against the East would mean
marching to death for Western Germany.
It is high time to realise that the times when the imperialists could
act from "positions of strength" with impunity have gone never
return, and try as they may, the imperialists will not be able to change
the balance of forces in their favour. Nor should they forget the geo-
graphical position of Western Germany which-with military tech-
niques as they are today-would not survive a single day of modern
warfare. We do not want another military conflict. It would be fatal
to Western Germany and would bring untold calamities to the peoples
of other countries. The Soviet Union and the other socialist countries
are doing everything to keep the adventurists dreaming of new wars
from taking the fatal step. The West German policy-makers would
do well to consider more soberly the existing situation and desist from
whipping up military passions.
The western press today often says that the government of the
Federal Republic of Germany is planning to approach the Soviet
1 Soviet Embassy in London, Soviet New8, November 11i 1i958

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