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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Soviet draft treaty on friendship and collaboration, July 15, 1958,   pp. 297-300 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 299

appropriate system of control and inspection for the fulfillment of the
obligations specified in the present Article.
The signatories unanimously favor the creation of a zone in Central
Europe, free from the production and presence of atomic, hydrogen,
and missile weapons, as well as from the equipping and manning of the
above mentioned types of arms. This zone ought to comprise with the
agreement of the appropriate governments the territory of the German
Democratic Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Polish
Peoples' Republic, and the Czechoslovak Republic.
The signatories are obligated to respect the status of this zone and
[not?] consider the territory of the governments which comprise it as
a sphere, for the use of atomiic, hydrogen,-and missile weaqpons . TThey
recognize as indispensable the establishment of an appropriate syt
of control and inspection for fulfillment of agreement concerning the
creation of such a zone.
Proceeding on the belief, that economic cooperation and contacts
between states the natural and stable foundation for the, strengthen-
ing of peaceful and friendly relations between them, the signatories.
.(a) To develop economic cooperation and an exchange of ex-,
perience; to extend the necessary cooperation to one another in
the matter of solving the most urgent economic problems facing
the most important significance for insuring the full employment
of the population and the improvement of their well being;
To develop in every possible way cooperation in the field of
trade between the countries participating in the agreement on
the principles of full equality and mutual benefit.
b) To take measures toward the gradual elimination of the
obstacles and limitations still existing in the field of the develop-
ment of economic relations between states on the basis of bilateral
and multilateral agreements, as well as within the framework
and by means of the European economic commission of the UNN;
c) To develop cooperation in the field of utilization of atomic
energy for peaceful purposes, including exchange of experience
in the construction of atomic energy, and the exchange of spe-
cialists, raw and other materials, and equipment.
For the purpose of broadening international ties and cooperation
in the -field of science and culture, furthering mutual understanding
between peoples, the signatories are obligated to develop and
strengthen mutual ties in the field of science, culture, technology, and
education. To these ends they express readiness to discuss in the near-
future concrete questions of cultural and scientific cooperation, hav--
ing in view the conclusion of a bilateral or multilateral agreement on
these questions.

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