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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Joint communiqué on German question by Chancellor Adenauer and Secretary of State Dulles, June 13, 1956,   pp. 186-188 PDF (1.3 MB)

Message from President Eisenhower to President Heuss, on the third anniversary of the East German Uprising, June 16, 1956,   p. 188 PDF (382.2 KB)

Page 188

market and the promise which such a market would hold for the future
economic development of Europe.
The Chancellor and the Secretary of State noted with satisfaction
the continued development of close relations between Germany and
the United States. The Chancellor raised the question of war-vested
German assets in the United States. The Secretary of State ex-
pressed the hope that there would be early United States legislative
action on this subject.
The Secretary expressed the satisfaction of the United States Gov-
ernment with the action just taken by the Federal Republic of Ger-
many to remove quota restrictions on imports from the dollar area,
in accordance with the provisions of the General Agreement on Tariffs
and Trade. The Chancellor and the Secretary agreed on the im-
portance of the free world continuing to cooperate in measures to
expand the flow of trade on a mutually advantageous basis.
Message from President Eisenhower to President Heuss, on the
Third Anniversary of the East German Uprising, June 16,
On this day [June 17] which commemorates the spontaneous de-
mand made three years ago for the freedom of the seventeen million
German people of the Soviet Zone, I wish to reaffirm the steadfast
conviction of my country that the unjust division of Germany will
surely come to an end. The Government and people of the United
States are deeply dedicated to the causes of liberty and peace. 'We
know that so long as unity in freedom is withheld from the German
people by those who seek to impose an alien and totalitarian system
on a part of your nation there can be no permanent security in Europe.
We know also that these views are shared by our partners in the
North Atlantic Treaty.
The ending of the division of Germany is essential to the develop-
ment of friendly and cooperative relations between the Western
nations and the Soviet Union. The way is open insofar as the United
States Government is concerned for the Soviet Government to prove
that its professed interestin developing such relations is genuine. I
am convinced that the Soviet Union will come to recognize that it is
in its own interest to negotiate a settlement which respects the right to
freedom of the German people and the interests of both East and
West, and will join with us in finding a solution to the German
This day you celebrate is I know a day of dedication. I send you
my greetings and together with my fellow Americans I look forward
to the time when all Germany will at last be unified and free.
1 White House news release, June 16, 1946.

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