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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Statement at Geneva by Foreign Minister Molotov and revised Soviet draft treaty on security in Europe, October 31, 1955,   pp. 171-175 PDF (2.0 MB)

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DOCUMENTS ON-- -GERMANY, - 19 4 4-5 9
draft of the three Ministers, something quite different is stated con-
cerning the zone. In this draft mention is made of a zone "along
both sides of the demarcation line between a reunited Germany and
Eastern Europe." Such a proposal does not correspond to the di-
rectives of the Heads of Government concerning the zone "between
East and West" and does not correspond to what everybody knows
to be the actual state of affairs. It is absolutely obvious that we
cannot disregard this.
The Soviet Government has carefully studied all proposals and
considerations relative to the zone and has come to the conclusion that
this question deserves serious attention and that we must try to recon-
cile our positions with regard to this problem, all the more so since
on a number of points they have much in common.
In expressing a desire to approach Mr. Eden's proposal favorably,
in accordance with the directives of the Heads of Government of the
Four Powers, we would propose to come to an agreement on the
1. The zone of limitation and inspection of armaments in
Europe must include the territory of the German Federal Re-
public, of the German Democratic Republic, and of states border-
ing on them, or at least certain ones of them.
2. The agreement on the zone shall envisage the maximum
levels for the number of troops of the USA, the USSR, the
United Kingdom and France stationed within the territory of
other states in this zone. The question of such limitation must
be the subject of further consideration.
3. Obligations pertaining to the limitation of armaments and
their control assumed by states under the respective agreement
shall be subject to agreement with such states, which shall be
free in making decisions on this matter in accordance with their
sovereign rights.
4. Joint inspections shall be established over the armed forces
and armaments of the States-parties to the agreements for the
fulfilment of obligations on the limitation of armaments within
territories of the zone. If understanding on this subject is
reached among us, and with other states subsequently, it would
be of great importance for the'consolidation of peace and would
contribute to lessening tension in Europe. Furthermore, the
reaching of such an agreement would facilitate the possibility of
solving the problem of disarmament, since the example of a given
region in Europe would indicate the possibility of applying such
disarmament measures as would in the future be carried out on
a wider scale.
The Delegation of the USSR would like to express the hope that
these new proposals of the Soviet Government prepared, as we have
already indicated, with consideration of the respective proposals of
the other participants of this Meeting, will serve as a suitable basis
for the rapprochement of our positions and will facilitate the reach-
ing of the necessary agreement between the Four Powers on the im-
portant problem of ensuring European security.

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