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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959: background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Note from the American Embassy at Moscow to the Soviet Foreign Ministry, regarding the Soviet draft of a German peace treaty, March 25, 1952,   pp. 87-88 PDF (896.3 KB)

Page 88

88            DOCUENS ON GERMANY, 194-4-59
objective of the United States Government. As the Soviet Govern-
ment itself recognizes, the conclusion of such a treaty requires the
formation of an all-German Government, expressing the will of the
German people. Such a Government can only be set up on the basis
of free elections in the Federal Republic, the Soviet zone of occupation
and Berlin. Such elections can only be held in circumstances. which
safeguard the national and individual liberties of the German people.
In order to ascertain whether this first essential condition exists, the
General Assembly of the United Nations has appointed a Commission
to carry out a simultaneous investigation in the Federal Republic, the
Soviet zone and Berlin. The Commission of Investigation has been
assured of the necessary facilities in the Federal Republic and in
Western Berlin. The United States Government would be glad to
learn that such facilities will also be afforded in the Soviet zone and
in Eastern Berlin, to enable the Commission to carry out its task.
'The Soviet Government's proposals do not indicate what the inter-
national position of an all-German Government would be before the
conclusion of -a peace treaty. The United States Government consid-
ers that the all-German Government should be free both before and
after the conclusion of a peace treaty to enter into associations
compatible with the principles and purposes of the United Nations.
I In putting forward its proposal for a German peace treaty, the So-
viet Government expressed its readiness also to discuss other propsals.
The United States Government has taken due note of this statement.
In its view, it will not be possible to engage in detailed discussion of
a peace treaty until conditions have been created for free elections and
until a free all-German Government which could participate in such
discussion has been formed. There are several fundamental questions
which would also have to be resolved.
For example, the United States Government notes that the Soviet
Government makes the statement that the territory of Germany is
determined by frontiers laid down by the decisions of the Potsdam
conference. The United States Government would recall that in fact
no definitive German frontiers were laid down by the Potsdam de-
cisions, which clearly provided that the final determination of terri-
torial questions must await the peace settlement.
The United States Government also observes that the Soviet Gov-
ernment now considers that the peace treaty should provide for the
formation of German national land, air, and sea forces, while at the
same time imposing limitations on Germany's freedom to enter into
association with other countries. The United States Government con-
siders that such provisions would be a step backwards and might jeop-
ardize the emergency in Europe of a new era in which international
relations would be based on cooperation and not on rivalry and dis-
trust. Being convinced of the need of a policy of European unity, the
United States Government is giving its full support to plans designed
to secure the participation of Germany in a purely defensive Euro-
pean community which will preserve freedom, prevent aggression, and
preclude the revival of niilitarism. The UInited States Government
believes that the proposal of the Soviet Government for the formation
of German national forces is inconsistent with the achievement of
this objective. The United States Government remains convinced
that this policy of European unity cannot threaten the interests of
any country and represents the true path of peace.

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