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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1892
61st ([1892])

Reports of supervisors of education,   pp. 619-646 PDF (13.1 MB)

Page 635

Talalip Agency.-The children of school age in this agency are as follows
Tulalip  -----------------------------------------------------100 
Lummi    -----------------------------------------------------90 
Swinomish----------------------  ----------------------------58 
Total   -------------------------------------------------313 
The contract boarding school at Tulalip has an enrollment of 120, and the
day school at Lummi 60,leaving 133 not attending any school. A boarding school
is needed at Lummi of sufficient capacity to accommodate the children of
Lummi and Madison, these reservations being only about 30 miles apart. Since
the erection of new buildings at Puyallup the children of Muckleshoot can
accommodated there; Muckleshoot is only about 20 miles distant from Puyallup.
The school buildings at Tulalip, with some repairs and additions, can accommo-
date the children of the Tulalip and Swinomish reservations. 
Neah Bay Agency.-The boarding school has an enrollment of 69, which includes
all the children of school age on the agency. The buildings are old and poor.
The boys' building is overcrowded. No sitting room for boys is provided.
addition is needed for a boys' dormitory and a sitting room. 
The day school at Quillayute has an enrollment of 52. It is well conducted.
Yakama Agency.-The boarding school has a capacity of 110, witbh 106 enrolled.
The building for girls is nearly new. The boys' building is old and of little
There are 260 children of school age on the agency, and it is estimated that
least 100 children belonging to this reservation are dispersed through the
tiguous mountain valleys. Seventy-three are enrolled in the North Yakama
tract school, leaving 181 unprovided for. A new building is needed to increase
the capacity of the agency boarding school to 250 pupils. 
The Colville Reservation.-By the last census the total Indian population
is 3,195, 
children of school age 462. The Colville contract school has an enrollment
of 79, 
and the Coeur d'Alene contract 72. The Tonasket boarding school has a ca-
pacity for 80, making a total of 231 provided for, and leaving 231 without
accommodations. I would recommend the erection of a boarding school on the
tableland overlooking the agency, where a fine site can be secured. 
The Tonasket boarding school is located about 140 miles from the agency.
has neither farm nor shops. The location is extremely unpleasant. The water
supply is alkaline, and during a portion of the year is utterly unfit for
use. It 
is desirable that the school be removed to a more suitable locality, where
a good 
farm can be secured. Its capacity should be materially increased. 
Nez Perc6 Agency.-The agency boarding school is filled to its capacity with
enrollment of 60. The building is in good condition. But little industrial
is attempted, the pupils being quite young. 
The Fort Lapwai boarding school has 150 enrolled. The school is well graded
and the class room work is very fine. The building for girls is in good repair,
and can accommodate 100. The new school building of four class rooms and
assembly room is a fine structure. The kitchen and dining room is an old
demned building. The boys' quarters are temporary, and wholly inadequate
their use. A building for boys of a capacity of 150 is needed. Also a new
ing room and kitchen, and shops for mechanical training. I would recommend
that this school be raised to the grade of a training school of the second
and that transfers of pupils to this school be made from the highland schools
Washington and Oregon. There are 300 children of school age under this agency.
Fort Hall Agency.-Number of children of school age on the reservation, 190.
The Fort Hall boarding school has a capacity for 175, with an enrollment
of 117. 
The main buildings are good, substantial structures of recent erection. The
cellent facilities for instruction in mechanical pursuits and in farming
and stock- 
raising are especially noteworthy. 
Pyramid Lake Reservation.-Number of children of school age under the agency,
85. The Pyramid Lake boarding school, with a capacity for 60 pupils, has
enrollment of 65. The buildings are in good condition. The dlay school at
Wadsworth has 25 pupils enrolled, with an average attendance of 22. 

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