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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1892
61st ([1892])

Reports of supervisors of education,   pp. 619-646 PDF (13.1 MB)

Page 626

mous. School work has dragged here, but two good-sized schools are now es-
tablished here, the Government boarding school, and the Holy Family Mission
school (Catholic contract). 
This latter school has just completed its second year. It is located 5 miles
from the agency on Two- Medicine Creek and is very complete, with a capacity
of 10. , At the time of my visit there were 51. boys and 51 girls. The school
has gained an excellent start. The schoolroom work was good and the indus-
trial work received it share of attention. They are adding largely to their
stock and they aim to instruct well in gardening and in stock-raising, and
some future time add mechanical work. 
The Government school is the older school, having been organized within the
old stockade several years ago. For about six years it has been running with
one teacher, and does not seem to have been a success in any direction. Two
new buildings have been erected during the past year, 22 miles from the agency,
and in January the school was moved from the agency to these buildings. Not
an outbuilding of any kind had been built. The school was raised in numbers
from 40 to 75. There was much confusion and disorder for several weeks: the
children became discontented and many ran away. If often happened that they
were gone several days before being returned. These things were detrimental
the school. But at its close it was running smoothly and another year will
a good school here. The new buildings will accommodate 100 easily and there
are a plenty of children here. ]ere, too, the girls are kept out of school.
farm contains 1,200 acres of good land, and stock-raising should be taught
as a 
Flathead Reservation.-This is the finest reservation in Montana. The lands
more productive and the climate less rigorous. Grain and vegetables grow
in luxuriance, and fruit can be raised very successfully. Irrigation has
-to be 
depended on mainly. The people are mainly Flatheads. 
The only school upon this reservatioa is the Catholic contract school, St.
natius Mission. This is probably the best reservation boarding school in
service. During the past year 330 pupils have been enrolled, equally divided
between boys and girls. There is a kindergarten department numbering 75.
The schoolroom and industrial work are of a high order; that for the girls
tending beyond that usually taught, by fancy and ornamental needlework, but-
ter and cheese making, etc. The industries for the boys are varied and exten-
sive beyond agriculture and stock-growing. The saddle and harness making
this school are superior. Shoemaking, blacksmithing, printing, painting,
ing, milling, and engineering are successfully taught. The kindergarten is
great success. The children are healthy and happy. They learn the English
quickly, and in some cases have forgotten their native tongue. At the age
5 or 6, when they enter the regular school, they are ready to enter the second
or third year's work. The buildings are capacious, comfortable, and pleasant.
The children do not return to their homes in vacation. 
A new school is soon to be started near the agency. 
Crow Reservation.-The people of this reservation are all dark Crows. They
have three good schools upon this reservation, viz: The Government boarding,
the Catholic contract (" St. Xavier industrial"), and Unitarian
contract (" the 
Montana industrial '). 
The Government boarding school has been enlarged during the past year so
that its capacity now is about 125. It is located at the agency, and with
its in- 
creased facilities will be one of the best schools in the service. The schoolroom
work last year was honest and of a high order. Industrial work, both for
and girls, is very successful. They have an excellent farm which is perfectly
irrigated, and all their vegetables are raised, with good fruit -prospects.
making is carried on successfully. Considerable attention is paid to stock-raising.
The outlook for this school is very encouraging, although polygamy is very
mon on this reservation. 
The St.Xavier school is located 24 miles from the agency upon the Big Horn
River. The plant has ben extensively enlarged by the completion of a fine
brick building, which is used for schoolrooms and boys' dormitory. The capacity
of this school is easily 200. Although a comparatively new school it is a
good one, and the schoolroom work was very satisfactory. The language work
and general exerci-es were particularly fine. No irrigating ditch has been
structed yet in this valley, so that as yet little can be done in agriculture.
small ditch for use of school farm has been constructed, which will be a
benefit next year. An attempt to raise fruit will be made at this school
also. If 
the experiments at fruit-raising prove successful at these two schools, it
open up a new industry for this people. 

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