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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1883

Indian legislation passed during the second session of the Forty-seventh Congress,   pp. 184-191 PDF (3.2 MB)

Page 188

188                         INDIAN    LEGISLATION. 
Boundaries.    SEC. 3. That all that part of the Territory of Dakota bounded
as fol- 
lows, to wit, commencing at a point on the twelfth standard parallel 
between ranges sixty-three and sixty-four; thence north to the north 
boundary of the Territory of Dakota; thence west along said boundary 
to the eleventh guide meridian; thence south along said meridian to the 
twelfth standard parallel; thence east to the place of beginning, be, 
and the same is hereby, constituted a new land district, and the office 
Location of of- in said district shall be located at such place as shall
be designated by 
fice, &c.     the President of the United States. 
Appointment SEC. 4. That thePresident, by and with the advice and consent
of the 
of registers and Senate, is hereby authorized to appoint a register and a
receiver for 
receivers author- each of said land districts, who shall discharge like and
similar duties 
Duties, c0r- and receive the amount of compensation allowed by law to other
pensation. discharging like duties in the land offices of said Territory:
Inoperative un- That such officers shall not be appointed nor land offices
opened in the 
til a cession of districts created by the first and second sections of this
act until a ces- 
country bySioux 
is ratified.  sion shall have been made by treaty duly ratified by Congress
of a por- 
tion of the Great Sioux Indian Reservation within the limits of the said
Approved, March 3,1883. 
[PUBLIC-No. 80.] 
CHAP. 141.-AN ACT making appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropria
tions for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eightyf
three, and for prior years, and for those certified as due by thelaecounting
officers o 
the Treasury in accordance with section four of the act of June fourteenth,
hundred and seventy-eight, heretofore paid from permanent appropriations,
and for 
other purposes. [Vol. 22, p. 582.] 
Deficiency ap- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of
the United 
propriation.  States of America in Congress assembled, That the following
sums be, and 
the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury 
not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter stated, namely: 
Vol. 22, p. 585.  The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is hereby authorized
to insti- 
Eastern Band lute a suit in the Court of Claims against the United States
to deter- 
of Cherokee In- mine the rights of the said band in and to the moneys, stocks
dians authorized bonds, held by the United States in trust for the Cherokee
tobring suit. &c. arising out of the sales of lands lying west of the
Mississippi River, and 
in Courti of 
Claims against also in a certain other fund, commonly called the permanent
theUnited States. fund, to which suit the Cherokee Nation, commonly called
the Cherokee 
Nation West, shall be made a party defendant. The said Eastern Band 
shall within three months after the passage of this act file a petition in
said court, verified by the principal chief of said band, setting forth 
Cherokee Na- the facts upon which said claim is based. The said Cherokee
tion West made West shall within six months after the passage of this act
file its answer 
a party defend- to said petition, and said cause shall proceed to final determination
antProcedure.  pursuant to the practice in said court, and such rules or
orders as the 
said court way make in that behalf. 
Evidence to be The Secretary of the Interior shall transmit to said court,
for the 
transmitted to consideration of said court, copies duly certified of all
records, reports, 
said Court of papers, and other documents on file in the Department of the
Claims.       which he may deem necessary to said cause or which may be requested
by either of the parties hereinbefore referred to, and the said parties,
respectively may take and submit to said court such additional compe- 
Jurisdiction.  tent testimony as they may desire. And jurisdiction is hereby
ferred upon said court to hear and determine what, if any, interest, 
legal or equitable, the said Eastern Band has in said moneys, stocks, 
bonds so held in trust as aforesaid by the United States, and shall enter
Decree,      a decree specifically defining the rights and interests of the
said Eastern 
Band therein, and in any moneys hereafter to be derived from sources 
similar to those out of which the existing fund arose. 

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