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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1883

Reports of agents in New Mexico,   pp. 116-124 PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 117

REPORTS OF AGENTS IN NEW           MEXICO.             117 
I am sorry to have it to say that about one-half of this land is rented from
Dr. J. 
H. Blazer, whose mill property and farm lies within the reservation lines.
without work oxen or teams to break land for the Indians, I consented to
the Indians 
renting the above mentioned land, for which they pay one-third of the crop.
There has been but very little complaint of these Indians violating any law
the past year. The Indian "Carpio Monte," who last year killed
Nicholas Acosta, and 
was arrested by the Indian police and turned over to the United States marshal
prosecution, was taken before the United States court at Las Cruces, New
Mexico, at 
the last March term. The case of this Indian was presented before the grand
and on Indian testimony he was indicted, and on Indian testimony before a
jury he 
was convicted and sentenced to be hung. All this goes to demonstrate that
these In- 
dians can and will punish their own criminals. 
The Mescalero Apaches are a restless and turbulent people, and require firm
government; and the Indian police of their number have, during the entire
preserved good law and order among them. The manufacture of "Tiswin"
intoxication has been entirely unknown during the year. 
The depredations committed in the Rio Pecos and Rio Penasco in Lincoln County,
New Mexico, last fall and winter, was the work of two Mescalero renegades
and a small 
band of renegade Comanches. Last November these Indians attempted to visit
families at the agency; they were fired upon by the Indian police, and the
next day 
thereafter nine of the Indian police accompanied Lieutenant Gale, of the
Fourth Cav- 
alry, in pursuit of them. The Indians captured their homes, saddles, and
which were afterwards sold for the benefit of the Indian police. 
Finally, to show you that these " Iterrible Apaches" with whom
the Government 
has had so much trouble are acquiring a better reputation, 10 of their number,
the request of General McKenzie, U. S. A., have enlisted and are attached
to the vari- 
ous cavalry companies in Southern New Mexico, and have gained for themselves
good reputation for reliability. 
Padre Sombrano, a Catholic missionary of Lincoln County, New Mexico, has
ited the agency in the interest of that church, and has baptized 173 of these
He is the only missionary ever on the reservation. 
The day school is fast becoming a creditable institution at the agency. It
has fre- 
quently been visited by army officers and others passing through the agency,
they speak of it very highly and are agreeably surprised at the aptitude
of the Indian 
scholars and their desire to learn. 
By the time this report is in print the boarding school will be in readiness
with ac- 
commodations for 30 pupils. 
During the past year I have expended the sum of $5,000 in the erection of
for the agency. There is now a good dwelling-house and office accommodations,
house and small boarding school. and by another spring, when I will plant
trees and 
have the inclosures completed, this agency will begin to assume an air of
bility and look somewhat more like civilization. The Mescaleros were deligkted
with these improvements, and did much work carrying the adobes, &c. They
say now 
that they think the talk of moving them each year will cease. 
Supplies of excellent quality were promptly delivered at the agency by consign-
ment during the year. While the quality of supplies was good the quantity
has been 
entirely insufficient for the support of these Indians. The annuity goods
by your office have been first class in every particular, and the quantity
in my opin- 
ion was sufficient. Subsistence supplies were issued each week on Wednesdays,
annuity goods being issued quarterly. 
W. H. LLEWELLYN, Agent: 
SIR: I have the honor to submit the following notes concerning the health
of the 
Mescalero Indians during the last twelve months. Although the number of cases
illness reported in this period is larger than in the previous year, it does
not represent 
a less degree of health, as I believe the cases were not fully reported before,
most of the cases in the latter period were not grave. 

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