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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1879

Indian legislation by the third session of the Forty-fifth, and first session of the Forty-sixth Congress,   pp. 185-189 PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 187

enty-nine, entitled "An act making appropriations for the current and
expenses of.the Indisn Department, and so forth." 
That so much of "An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses
of the 
government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and
and for other purposes", approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and
eight, as is in the words following: "To pay to Charles P. Bir]kett
the sum of thirty- 
two thousand five hundred and five dollars and seventy-one cents, to reimburse
said Birkett, late United States Indian agent, for amount expended by him
for the 
benefit of the Indians at Ponca Agency, Dakota ", be, and the same is
hereby, repealed. 
And the said Charles P. Birkett is hereby authorized and empowered to institute
and prosecute suit against the United States in the Court of Claims for the
of the amount claimed by him as pro~Vided in the act aforesaid under the
rules and 
regulations governing proceedings in said court, with the right of appeal
to the Su- 
preme Court of the United States to either said Birkett or the United States
from the 
judgment of the Court of Claims in said case. 
For the survey of lands for allotments to the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail
bands of 
Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory, ten thousand dollars. 
For the removal of the Muache, Capote, and Weeminuche bands of Ute Indians
the new reservation provided for them under the terms of an agreement made
by the 
United States through Edward Hatch, N. C. McFarland, and Lot M. Morrill,
sioners, and the above named bands of Ute Indians, at Pagosa Springs, in
the State 
of Colorado, upon the ninth day of November, anno Domini eighteen hundred
seventy-eight, and for the erection of suitable agency buildings, including
for agent upon said new reservation, twenty thousand dollars. 
To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay William Kiskadden for beef
the Crows, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, nine thousand four hundred and
dollars and eleven cents. 
To enable the Secretary of the Interior to reimburse Messrs. Buck and Kellogg,
torneys at law, Emporia, Kansas, for certain moneys paid and fees due as
and attorneys in a suit brought in the district court of Lyon County, Kansas,
L. M. Appleby versus Louis Primeaux, two hundred and eight dollars and sixty
To pay J. A. Coffey and Company for building sold the government for the
use of 
the Osage Indian agency, and for contingencies of the Indian Department,
eight hun- 
dred and eighty-four dollars and fifty cents. 
To pay D. R. Risley for expenses of Indian delegation visiting Washington
eighteen hundred and seventy, two hundred and thirty-one dollars and fifty-seven
To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay the heirs of Henry Newton,
for services on the c9mmission to survey the Black Hills, in Dakota Territory,
in the 
years eighteen hundred and seventy-five and eighteen hundred and seventy-six,
thousand nine hundred and two ,dollars and ten cents. 
To pay Joseph O-Jib-Way for services rendered the Indian Department, for
hundred and seventy-four and prior years, three hundred dollars. 
For services of the Hot Springs Commission acting under the request of the
dent, from June twenty-fifth to December sixteenth, eighteen hundred and
eight, at the rate provided, by the act creating the commission, and for
salaries of 
clerks, and the necessary incidental expenses incurred during said term,
and for fees 
and per diem due the United States marshal for the eastern district of Arkansas,
ing under the authority of said commission, twelve thousand dollars; the
same to be 
disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. 
CHAP. 190.-AN ACT to amend an act to provide for the sale of a portion of
the reservation of the 
Confederate Otoe and Missouria and the Sac and Fox of the Missouri tribes
of Indians in the States 
of Kansas and Nebraska. [March 3, 1879.1 
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the United States
of America 
in Congress assembled, That section three of the act of August fifteenth,
eighteen hun- 
dred and seventy-six, chapter three hundred and eight, entitled "An
act to provide 
for the sale of a portion of the reservation of the Confederated Otoe and
Missouria and 
the Sac and Fox of the Missouri tribes of Indians," be, and the same
hereby is, amended 
io as to read as follows: 
That after the survey and appraisement of said lands, the Secretary of the
shall be, and is hereby, authorized to offer one hundred and twenty thousand
from the western side of the same for sale, through the United States public
at Beatrice, Nebraska, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres
for cash, 
to actual settlers, or persons who shall make oath before the register or
receiver of the 
land office at Beatrice, Nebraska, that they intend to occupy the land for
to purchase which they make application, and who shall within three mouaths
the date of such application make a permanent settlement upon the same, in

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