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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1874

Information, with historical and statistical statements, relative to the different tribes and their agencies,   pp. 23-[84] PDF (29.5 MB)

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duty in many of the agencies upon the Pacific coast; instances occur in which
a single employd actually discharges the duties of the employment for which
he is ap- 
pointed. Provision is made at all the agencies for the employment of a clerk,
blacksmith, carpenter, physician, teachers, interpreter, &c., and while
each of these 
appointees should regard himself as under the direction of the agent, to
discharge any 
duty required outside of the specialty for which he is appointed, the practice
of ap- 
pointing a farmer, for example, who neither cultivates any ground himself,
instructs any Indian in agriculture, is not regarded as a proper one. A practice
has also grown up at many agencies of selecting a large portion of the em-
ployds from the family and immediate relatives of the agent. While the present
sufficient compensation of agents continues there is an excuse for resorting
to these 
means to enable them to provide a comfortable support, but, as a rule, the
practice is 
not calculated to secure efficiency of administration, and should be discouraged.
The following summary of recommendations is submitted: 
1st. That the Indians on the Puyallup, Nisqually, Squaxin, and Chehalis reservations
be removed to the Skokomish reservation. 
2d. That the Skokomish reservation be enlarged to include the valley of the
mish, with an average width of three miles on each side of the river, from
Hood's Canal 
to a line two miles above the main forks of the river. 
3d. That the Indians of Port Madison, Tulalip, Swinomish, and Muckleshoot
tions be removed to the Lummi reservation. 
4th. That the Lummi reservation be extended five miles northward, following
line, of the Nootsack or Lummi River for its eastern boundary, and extending
ward to Prince George's Sound. 
5th. That the Indians of Quinaielt reservation be removed to Neah Bay reservation.
6th. That the Neah Bay reservation be enlarged by extending the same southward
distance of fifteen miles. 
7th. That the reservations vacated be disposed of in such manner and on such
as the President may determine for the highest practicable price, and the
proceeds in- 
vested for the joint benefit of the Indians on the reservations respectively
to which 
they are removed. 
8th. That allotments of land to each male adult Indian upon any reservation,
shall settle upon and cultivate the same, be made, to remain inalienable
for a period 
of ten years, and a title in fee vested in him at the termination of that
period if he 
shall continue to occupy and cultivate the same. 
9th. That each child, between the ages of six and sixteen years, shall be
to attend school; and that a refusal upon the part of the parents or guardians
suspend all right on their part to participate in the annuities or other
benefactions of 
the-Government or tribal funds, and the agent shall be authorized and required
to adopt 
such other proper measures as be necessary to the enforcement of such
10th. That agents encourage the employment of adult Indians by respectable
families off the reservation, and render them all necessary assistance in
providing for 
their proper care and protection during such employment. 
11th. That a schooner be furnished to the agent at Neah Bay, and a competent
be employed as captain, to be used for the benefit of such Indians as by
their industry 
and compliance with regulations are entitled to consideration. 
12th. That each employd be required to attend diligently to the specific
duties of his 
calling or trade, and to perform such other reasonableduties as may be required
of him. 
He shall also afford every opportunity to the Indians for their improvement
and in- 
struction, especially in the mechanical arts and farming. 
The following estimates of appropriations required is submitted: 
For extinguishment of claims of settlers on the enlargement of the Skoko-
mish reservation.     .      .     .      .       ..------------------------------------------------$50,000
Lummi reservation ------------------------------------------------------.
Schooner for Neah Bay Indians._......... --..-.-.--..-  ------------5,000
Expense of removal of Indians from nine reservations, $5,000 each----------45,
The commissioners are authorized to state that the recommendations made by
and submitted herewith receive the approval of Maj. Gen. 0. 0. Howard, command-
ing Department of Columbia, of Maj. Gen. John Green, First Cavalry, and of
William Vandever, United States inspector, these officers having participated
in the 
investigations made. 
Respectfully submitted. 
J. D. LANG, 
Hon. C. B. FISK;, 
Chairmn Board Indian Commissioners. 

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