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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1874

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Kansas or Kaw Indian lands in Kansns.-An act of Congress approved 
May 8, 1872, provides for the removal of the Kansas Indians and the 
appraisement and disposition of their lands in Kansas. These lands, 
embracing 137,808.13 acres of "trust lands" and 80,409.06 acres
of the 
"diminished reserve," were appraised in accordance with the provisions
of the act, and a sale of 2,443.94 acres of the "4 diminished reserve"
made. New legislation being deemed desirable, the same was recojn- 
mended by the Department. The act of Congress approved June 23, 
1874, provides that the settlers on the "1 trust lands" whose claims
heretofore been approved by the Secretary of the Interior shall pay for 
their lands, at the appraised value, in six equal annual installments, the
first payable January 1, 1875, the remaining installments bearing 6 per 
cent. interest. There are 235 of these settlers, who are entitled to purchase
on these terms a total number of 29,190.87 acres. The remainder of the 
"trust lands" and the "diminished reserve" are, for a
period of one 
year from the date of the act last referred to, namely, until June 23, 
1875, subject to entry by actual settlers, at their appraised value, pay-
inent to be made, one-fourth at the time the entry is made, and the 
remainder in three equal annual payments, bearing 6 per cent. interest. 
All the lands not sold before June 23, 1875, in this manner, may be sold
in amounts not to exceed 160 acres to any one person, at the appraised 
price, such purchaser to make payment, one-fourth at the time of the 
purchase and the remainder in three equal annual installments, bearing 
interest at 6 per cent. When there is timber on the land, a bond will 
be required to provide against waste. In compliance with the law, the 
lands are being sold by the register and receiver of the land-office at 
Topeka, Kans., acting under instructions from the Commissioner of the 
General Land-Office. 
Miami Indian lands in Kansas.-An act of Congress approved March 
3, 1873, entitled "An act to abolish the tribal relations of the Miami
Indians, and for other purposes," provides for the appraisement and
sale, with the consent of the Indians, of the unallotted portion (includ-
ing the school section) of the lands reserved for their future homes by 
the first article of the treaty of June 5, 1854. All these lands not oc-
cupied by actual settlers at the date of the approval of the act, (2,493.20
acres,) including the improvements thereon, were to be sold to the high-
est bidder for cash, either at public sale or on scaled bids, for not less
than the appraised value. In accordance with this provision of the 
law, the unoccupied lands were duly advertised for sale on sealed bids, 
the bids to be opened on the 20th day of February, 1874. At this sale 
awards were made of 165.28 acres for the sum of $1,703.56 for the land 
and $120 for improvements, and payment has been made for the same. 

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