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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1874

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Stockbridge enrollment.-Henry R. Wells, esq., of New Jersey, was ap- 
pointed on the 24th of March last a special commissioner to complete 
the enrollment of the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians, in Wisconsin, 
as provided by the sixth section of the act of February 6, 1871, entitled
"An act for the relief of the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians, in the
State of Wisconsin." (Stat. at Large, vol. 16, p. 406.) Instructions
issued from this Office on the 25th of March last as to the manner of mak-
ing up said enrollment and rules that should govern his decision. Commis-
sioner Wells has submitted his report, with enrollment of said Indians, 
which was approved by thehonorable Secretary of the Interior in May last.
Stockbridge improvements.-On the 4th of June last Special Commis- 
sioner H. R. Wells was appointed a commission to proceed to Keshena, 
Wis., to investigate the question of ownership in certain improvements, 
whether belonging to the tribe or individual members thereof, upon 
lands within the reserve of two townships set apart for the Stockbridge 
Indians. Under instructions issued on the 5th of June last, Mr.Wells has
executed his commission and submitted his report, dated June 30, 1874. 
Sioux.-A commission, consisting of Right Reverend Bishop William 
H. Hare, chairman. Rev. S. D. Hinman, Robert B. Lines, and C. C. Cox, 
M. D., was appointed on the 23d of February last, and re-appointed on 
the 24th of April last, to visit the Red Cloud and Whetstone agencies 
and the Sioux country,with a view to induce the roving tribes and bands 
of Sioux Indians to abandon their nomadic habits and accept a perma- 
nent home within the Sioux reservation or elsewhere, if such other location
be desirable; to establish an agency for these nomadic tribes in the 
event of their coiisent being obtained; to secure the abrogation of the 
eleventh and sixteenth articles of their treaty of April 29, 1868, the one
giving them the right to hunt on lands north of the North Platte River, 
and on the Republican Fork of the Smoky Hill River so long as buffalo 
abound; the other declaring the country north of the North Platte River 
and east of the Big Horn Mountains unceded Indian country, closed to 
whites for either settlement or passage; and to select a suitable location
for the Whetstone agency. Instructions were issued to said commission: 
on the 4th of May last upon the above subjects, and their final report' 
has been received, and is printed herewith. 
Mission Indians in California.-Charles A. Wetmore, esq., of Califor- 
ni, was appointed on the 11th of August last a speciaJ commis- 
sioner to proceed to Southern California and make a thorough inquiry 
into all the facts and circumstances affecting the Mission Indians, wita
instructions, issued on.the 25th of September last, to devise some plan.
whereby favorable legislation can be had to relieve their present deplor-1
able condition, and to select lands upon which to locate these Indians,-
the title to which lands should be vested in the Government; and to 
report as fully as possible the previous history and condition of these 
Indians, which may be obtained from the records of the old missions. 
When Commissioner Wetmore shall have submitted his report to this 
Office it will be duly forwarded, for such action as you may deem neces-
sary in the premises. 
Indian Territory.-A commission, consisting of Col. J. W. Smith, of Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark., and F. H. Smith, esq., of the Board of Indian Commissioners,
was appointed on the 6th of August last, to visit fully and to obtain accurate
information in regard to the situation of Indian affairs in the Indian Terri-
tory, which commission has submitted a report of their action and views.

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