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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1865

Northern superintendency,   pp. 397-434 PDF (15.9 MB)

Page 398

exhibit of-the present condition-of the various tribes embraced within tho:
northern superintendency."              , 
, The brief period which has intervened between the date of my appointr 
ment and the lime designated for the rendition of this report has neces-
sawily rendered it exceedingly difficult to collect and embody all theiaformA.
tio  which it-is desirable should be presented in such a paper. 
Few tribes of Indians are embraced within this superintendency-at:thee 
present time. The aggregate population of the tribes, according to the 
most reliable data at my command, is 17,182, as follows: 
Sioux, (Brul and Ogallalla,) Upper Platte agency...7, 865 
Arapahoes, Upper Platte agency...1, 00 
Oheyennes, Upper Platte agency.................                     20 
Pawnees, Pawnee agency...............................Go.21 80 
Winnebagoes, Winnebago agency.............1, 900 
Omabas, Omaha agency...............                             1, 000 
Sacs and Foxes, (of Missouri,) Great Nemaha agency  ..95 
lowas, of Missouri, Great Nemaha agency.".                         294
Ottoes and Missourias, Ottoe and Missouria agency...............18I 
Total number........................................17, 182 
These tribes are embraced within six agencies. I subjoin, a list of the 
agencies, with the names of the agents and their post office address: 
Upper Platte agency, Vital Jarrot agent, Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory.
Pawn-e agency, Daniel H. Wheeler agent, Genoa, Nebraska Territory. 
Winnebago agency, St. A. D. Balcombe agent, Omadi, NebraskaTerri- 
Omaha agency, Robert W. Furnas agent, Omaha agency, Nebraska Ter- 
Great Nemaha agency, John A. Burbank agent, Mohart, Nebraska Ter- 
Ottoe and Missouria agency, William Dailyr agent, Dennison, Nebraska 
The Indians embraced within this agency consist of the Brul6 and Ogal- 
lalla Sioux, the Arapahoes, and the Cheyennes. They numbered in the ag- 
gregate, in 1862, (since which time no reliable census has been taken,) 
10,982 souls. 
They have at no time within the past ten years, I believe, been confined
to any particular reservation or locality, but have been permitted to roam
will over a vast district of country, subsisting chiefly by the hunt. 
These Indians have inhabited the country adjacent to the headwaters of 
the Platte river, and contiguous to the great overland route between the
Missouri river and the Pacific coast. Frequent outrages were perpetrated
'y them'upon emigrants, stage passengers, and telegraph operators during
the latter part of 1863, but it was hoped that these were the work of irre-
sponsible bands, maddened by liquor, not unfrequently sold to them by out-
side traders, and that the tribes would eventually disavow afid punish these
outlaws, and mlaintain their former relations of amity'and good will towards
the government and the people. But this hope has proved groundless. Em- 
boldened by exemption from the swift and certain punishment whicbh should
ailways follow such acts of wanton cruelty andlawlessness, and believing,
dibt,-that the general-government, by: reason of-te continuance ofa great

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