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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1857

California superintendency,   pp. 387-408 PDF (8.6 MB)

Page 408

cino tend to confirm the opinions expressed in connexion with the 
eligibility of the position for Indian purposes. 
In consideration of the fact that the Klamath reservation is also 
situated on the Pacific coast, it is suggested as the third point of con-
centration for all the Indians north of Nome Lackee and west and 
north of the Sacramento. By thus bringing all the Indians of the 
State within the three reservations designated, on and near the coast, 
they would be further removed from the encroachments of white set- 
tlers, and would consequently be more secure from the attacks of hos- 
file bands of their own race. 
These general views are presented for the purpose of eliciting your 
opinions respecting the proposed change of policy, and you are ex- 
pected, at the earliest practicable period, to make a full report to this
office, embracing all the important facts involved in the contemplated 
change, with a free expression of such views as your experience and 
judgment may prompt in relation to this subject. 
It is presumed that the faithful execution of the general plan herein 
indicated would curtail the aggregate expenses of the Indian service 
very much, by the consequent reduction of the number of employes, 
and the natural augmentation of the influence and efficiency of a 
smaller number of agents, where the Indians are brought within the 
circle of their influence, and thus become subjected to their immediate 
control; and the cost of transportation would also be very much di- 
minished ; but, in my opinion, the principal item of economy will be 
found to consist in the curtailment of the expenses to be incurred in 
.providing the Indians with food, raiment, &c., as the advantages of
concentration will enable the respective agents to teach them to aban- 
don the chase, and rely upon the cultivation of the soil for an ade- 
quate subsistence; and by a judicious example the Indians will soon 
be inspired with energy, and prompted to industry, so as to secure an 
ample support as the result of their own labors, with but little aid 
from the government. 
My attention has been called to the alleged necessity for the estab- 
lishment of a reservation or farm for Indian purposes in El Dorado 
county; and as I entertain doubts respecting the policy of such a 
measure, you will give me a free and full expression of your views in 
relation to the expediency of the project, for the purpose of enabling 
this office to decide upon the propriety or impropriety of taking the 
initiative steps to effect the settlement of a portion of the Indians 
within that country. 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
TioS. J. HENLEY, Esq., 
Supt. Indian Affairs, San Francisco, Cal. 

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