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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1857

Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs,   pp. [1]-12 PDF (5.2 MB)

Page 12

warlike race, and generally make their expeditions by water in large 
boats or canoes, some of them large enough to carry a hundred men, 
which they propel with much swiftness. To afford the necessary pro- 
tection to our people from their frequent depredations, the employ- 
ment of a light draught armed steamer in those waters to intercept 
and chastise them is essential. 
Referring to the report of the superintendent for the southern 
superintendency, who has elaborately and ably discussed the subject, 
in its application to the Indians of his district, I urgently repeat the
recommendation of my immediate predecessor, that there be an early 
and complete revision and codification of all the laws relating to In- 
dian affairs, which, from lapse of time and material changes in the 
location, condition, and circumstances of the most of the tribes, have 
become so insufficient and unsuitable as to occasion the greatest em- 
barrassment and difficulty in conducting the business of this branch 
of the public service. 
All of which is repectfully submitted by your obedient servant, 
Secretary of the Interior. 

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