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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1856

[Oregon territory],   pp. 193-224 PDF (12.9 MB)

Page 223

TERRITORY -OF OREGON                      223 
arrangements for this change of station to be made, and for the settle- 
ment of unfinished public business. Assistant Surgeon C. H. Crane 
will accompany the command to its new post, and First Lieutenant X. 
B. Sweitzer, 1st dragoons, as far as Fort Lane, where he will turn 
over his public property to First Lieutenant E. Underwood, 4th 
infantry, and then join his proper company. 
Company "B," 3d artillery, Captain E. 0. C. Ord, will-proceed to
Benicia, California, taking passage on the steamer Columbia on her 
next downward trio. 
Company "F;, 4th infantry, Captain De Floya Jones will proceed 
in the Columbia on her next upward trip to escort George and Limpy's 
bands, and the Lower Rogue river Indians, via Portland, to the coast 
reservation, and having turned them over to the Indian department, 
will take post at the upper pass. 
Company "H," 3d artillery, Brevet Major J. F. Reynolds, with the
detachment of "E," 4th infantry, Second Lieutenant J. C. Chandler
3d artillery, will move on Wednesday, the 9th instant, to escort old 
John's band, the Pistol river and Chetcoe Indians to the coast reser- 
vation, and they having been turned over to the Indian department, 
company I" H" will take post near the mouth of the Sinsilaw river.
The detachment of company "E " having performed such further es-
cort duty as may be requisite to guard the Indians to their several 
locations, will rejoin its proper company. Assistant Surgeon J. J. 
Milhau will accompany the command. 
The sick and wounded in hospital will remain at this post, under 
the medical care of Assistant Surgeon R. Glison, until further orders 
from the headquarters of the department. The necessary attendants 
will be left with them. 
II. First Lieutenant R. Macferly, 4th infantry, acting assistant 
quartermaster, will furnish the necessary transportation for the com- 
mands of Captains Ord and Floyd Jones, making a separated contract 
for the passage fare of the Indians to Portland. Captain Floyd Jones 
will perform the duties of acting assistant quartermaster to his com- 
mand, and furnish transportation from Portland. 
Second Lieutenant G. P. Ihrie will assign the requisite proportions 
of his pack train to the command of Captain Smith and Major Rey- 
nolds, and as soon as the services of any portion of the hired part can 
be dispensed with it will be at once discharged. 
III. Until further orders, company "D," 3d artillery, and "E,
4th infantry, will continue to garrison Fort Jones, California, and 
company " D," 4th infantry, Fort Lane, Oregon Territory. 
The detachments from those companies now in the field will rejoin 
their proper post. 
IV. The commanding officer of the district cannot separate from 
those troops that have formed his command in the field without ac- 
knowledging his obligations to officers and men for their ready, cheer- 
ful and energetic efforts to perform the duties assigned them, which 
have resulted, under Providence, so creditably to themselves and so 
beneficial to our country. The result of the campaign is  the best 
evidence of the value of their services. 
He takes this opportunity to return his thanks to the officers of his 

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